Welcoming new member to team to PEL - Tripti from Germany

Hiya lovelies…

This week, my baby got bigger. 
It crossed the borders and some seas as well. 

Yeps! PEL now goes beyond borders to get you the best from Germany. Join me and raise a toast for PEL’s latest teammate, Tripti Pandey. 

Tripti joins the team as Lifestyle writer with a regular column every Tuesday called Indian Girl Foreign Land’ IGFL. 

Hailing from Lucknow, Tripti is now married and settled in Mainz in Germany. With her column, she brings an insight into the world of beauty, fashion, makeup, travel and food from across Germany. She is a media professional and writing has been something she has always been passionate about. 
Interestingly, her husband Yogesh Upreti is a fabulous photographer and you would also get a glimpse of his amazing clicks on the blog. (Trust me, the first one comes up tomorrow for all to see)

This is Tripti, clicked by Yogesh just for us... 

Here’s more on Tripti, as she says :
“Hello friends, I am Tripti Pandey.
I am the latest member of team PEL. I hail from Lucknow originally in India and am a media professional. Currently, I am living in Germany after my marriage to one of the most wonderful person I have met in my life.
From India to Mainz in Germany… This transition has stormed my mind with plenty of wonderful thoughts, opinions and ideas. Also, it has opened up a whole new world of fashion, makeup, travel and even food. A world which is totally different from what I have been living so far. Be it fashion, cosmetics, food, styles, art – this place amazes me in all respects. Meeting with people of different nations is constantly enriching my perspective towards several things.
You must have heard of ‘beauty with brain’. I do not keep beauty before brain but at the same time never leaves it behind.
I love trying new things, sports and travelling. I find this platform immensely wonderful to share my outlook on these with you all. And since writing is something which inspires me and also keeps me happy, get ready for a roller coaster ride from the foreign lands of Germany with this chatterbox of yours….. J

And this is the lovely couple, Tripti and Yogesh... welcome aboard..

PEL SHOUTS : Welcome aboard Tripti and hi Yogesh. I know you are an amazing person and now, with you on PEL, I am sure that blog would see a lot more interesting posts and journeys being undertaken. Really looking forward to this German touch to PEL now J


  1. Congratulations girl... U r making quite a mark in Germany..!! :D :D


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