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Hello beauties…

Aah! The heat is really killing me. Really guys, August is coming to an end (imagine 8 months into 2014 are already over) and there are still no signs of respite from the heat. Please God Please! Send in some showers at the right places…

Anyways, this week we are back with O Womaniya. Remember I told you all long back that this happens to be my favourite column on the blog. It not only introduces new women entrepreneurs, but also reaffirms the fact that we women are indeed splendidly gifted and superbly talented J

After a host of jewellery retailers and designers, this week’s O Womaniya features a young MBA student, whose venture promises to decorate not just you, but your entire house and even your everyday life. And the beautiful girl has given the venture a very interesting name indeed.
Presenting in this edition of O Womaniya, 
please raise your hands for Shweta Dawar and her venture ‘MaalGaadi India’.

Here’s from Shweta :
This is the beautiful Shweta sporting her Maal Gaadi head gear :-) Lovely indeed. 

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Shweta Dawar of Maal Gaadi India
Tell us a bit about yourself dear 
“Hi all, I am a Computer Engineer and am currently pursuing an MBA in Banking & Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai. A former National level tennis player, I am a die-hard sports enthusiast. I am also a trained Odissi Dancer and love writing poetry.”

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Maal Gaadi India

How did ‘Maalgaadi India happen? And how did the name come in?
"From the very beginning I knew that I would eventually start something of my own, though initially the idea was a little different. The idea to start Maal Gaadi struck me while I was preparing for my MBA entrance exams. The brief was to provide affordable and good quality products that were unique and different. To be honest, I simply went ahead and set up the Maal Gaadi Facebook page without much secondary research and any second thoughts. It was a conscious attempt that my brand be more than just about jewellery. I also wanted the name to kind of stand out in the crowd of the many online stores, hence the catchy name."

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Maal Gaadi India

What all can we find on Maal Gaadi India?
"At Maal Gaadi (MG), I try and scout for things that catch my fancy. I love experimenting with unique and out of the box products. Currently, MG is into jewellery, home decor, stationery, watches and bags."

How has been Maal gaadi’s journey so far?
"The journey has been very satisfying and there haven’t been any hurdles on my Maal gaadi’s tracks. I started MG with no expectations, looking at it as only a way to experience entrepreneurship. But the response that I have received over time from my customers and everyone around has been very motivating. The beautiful messages I get from my customers once they receive their orders is something that keeps me going. My parents, my sister and my friends have been so encouraging, I feel blessed."

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Maal Gaadi India
What has been the happiest and most memorable moment with MGI?
"There have been many happy moments and firsts at MG. However, the one that stands out is a recent one. As a part of our curriculum in MBA, we get opportunities to work on live projects that are offered by various corporates. The Entrepreneurship Cell of my college gave MG the opportunity to offer one such corporate project for the first year students. That indeed was a very special moment and a proud one as well."

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Maal Gaadi India
Any hiccups in the journey and how you managed them ?
"No journey is devoid of its lows and I have had my mine. Pursuing an MBA and managing MG along with it has been tough to say the least, but being a sportsperson, I have always believed that you do not lose until you give up and that as been the driving force thus far."

Indian Lifestyle Blog : O Womaniya ... Maal Gaadi India
What are your future plans for MGI ?
"I am currently working on Maal Gaadi’s website which should be up in about a month’s time. The website would include a standard payment gateway and would also have provision for Cash on Delivery (COD). I am also trying to work out a format where MG would collaborate with women entrepreneurs in cities other than Mumbai aimed at increasing its reach. I am taking it one step at a time.

Lastly, A big Thank You to Tarannum and PEL for giving MG the opportunity to be featured on this lovely blog. Firsts are indeed very special." 

PEL SHOUTS : Happy to be featuring you here Shweta. You are a lethal combo indeed... sports, dance, MBA and now, MGI... Loved every bit of your collection. Not only your jewellery pieces are unique, but even other decor stuff. Those colourful notebooks are so cute. And the mugs are very different and cute too. But my love indeed is that Russian Roulette glasses set. It is definitely unique. 

Do checkout Maal Gaadi India on facebook and Instagram for such awesome stuff 
on instagram : @maalgaadiindia 

How did you like this new feature?
 Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature? 
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  1. lovely lovely...isnt her collection amazing :)

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  4. Indeed Bidsy ... and thanks for introducing her and her superb collection to me... Stay tuned for loads of Maalgaadi

  5. Yeah Apurva... they are worth every penny... you should check out her stuff for sure

  6. Yeah Vivek! indeed she will... thanks for visiting....

  7. Oh lovely collection... checking out their FB page now..


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