JOTD : For discovering ourself, let’s go back to college (featuring Firefly Blings)

By Tarry

Hello lovelinas….

Nice word na. Lovelina… I really love this word. Actually, a senior of mine addressed me this way in college. Three days after she had ragged me enough, she thought that I was a good sport and obeyed everything she said ;-)
But she had a tough time pronouncing my name and hence, started calling me and a few other fuchchhas lovelinas. That time, the word sounded weird. But when I look back today, I feel it was really pretty.

College is a wonderful time indeed. Since in India school means being in the closed confines of uniform, college is actually a time when you find your sense of style. So from oversized shirts and super loose denims to smart skirts to the kurta jeans look, I experimented with them all. And finally, found my solace (and comfort) in the kurta denims fusion. The very DU look (I am from Gargi College Delhi University ;-)… and the very me.

So when I had to do a JOTD for a funky Tibetan pendant, which has been beautifully designed by Vaarooni of Firefly Blings, I decided to don my ‘Back to College’ Avataar. Because this one fitted extremely well with what I wore in college.
Presenting here my lovelies, 
The Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings

Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings

I feel that the kurta and denim look is so effortless and not only makes you feeling comfortable but also, particularly no-nonsense types. And you will find loads of DU and JNU students in this avatar. This is also called the 'intellectual look' and some call it the jholawala look as well :-) 

Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings

The pendant particularly adds that classiness and effortless styling to the look. Housed in a beautiful thick chain, this pendant just adds that much needed colour to the outfit. Hanging loosely, it doesn’t actually make you feel too fashionable but adds just the right amount of class.

Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings
Since it was a back to college look, my hair was in a messy bun, a favourite for summer time college goers. Makeup too wasn’t too heavy with just loads of kohl on the eyes and mute brown matte lips. I remember this brand called ‘Personi’ from my college days, which had some amazing browns and maroons in typical matte finish. Infact, priced less than Rs 100, they were perfect for us college girls and were super long stay. I had three browns from them and still haven’t found my perfect chocolate brown in other other brand so far, other than Personi…  J

Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings

Finally, nude flats, my favourite watch and some chunky bangles added to the look and here it… just the way I was in college….

Details :
Kurta : Organic Cotton
Denims : My favourite pair from Levis
Nude flats : Relaxo
Pendant : Firefly Blings
Earrings : local Silver shop
Bangles : Janpath Market new delhi
Makeup :
Face: Ponds BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, MAC Blush in Melba
Eyes : Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Stile black eye shadow for darkening
Lips : MAC lipstick in Taupe

Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings
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Indian Fashion Blog - Back to College look with Tibetan Pendant by Firefly Blings
Photographs are once again by Vaidehi Kapur. I particularly loved the one with the red walls, as my college too has red walls and this made me totally nostalgic for sure. :-) I still wear such stuff because becoming a journalist also meant i stay in this style only... effortless and happy :-) 

PEL SHOUTS : I hope you all liked this look. I am in love with this pendant (THANK YOU Vaarooni) and do check out FFB store in case you want something like this for yourself too. Use the couponcode FFBPEL15 for a discount as well :-) 

How did you find this JOTD on PEL ?
Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. beautiful pendant and credit should go to the photographer ;)

  2. Very cute n lovely pics sweetie :)

  3. thanks dear... How have you been ?

  4. Wow beautiful damsel!You did more justice to the pendant than the picture in my page.
    Fresh as a flower!
    Thanks again!

  5. My oh My! You look adorable nd so pretty day by day....Loved this post :)

  6. You style is simple yet adorable.. i loved that pendant.. it looks lovely xo

  7. very different and beautiful piece

  8. you are an amazing jewellery maker Vaarooni... and this is just a much deserved post... <3 <3 <3

  9. thanks megha... would be connecting you soon... thanks for coming here...

  10. thanks sweetie... your comments always bring that smile on my face....

  11. thanks Nats... i thought of you when i saw this pendant... simple and classy. do check out the store and use coupon code FFBPEL15 for a special discount <3 <3 <3

  12. indeed it is Shikha... thanks for stopping by and do check the firefly blings store....

  13. definitely I will check that out

  14. Oooooohhh I loved the first pic!!! Beautiful and you look lovely! :)

  15. Tarryyyyy you look so nice! I love the pendant. It looks so ethnic!

  16. Such a lovely Pendant Tarry and a great post!


    Nilu Yuleena

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  17. Loved the look... checking the fb page right away :)

  18. I did my tag!! <3
    and you look lovely Tarry


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