Haul Shaul : Featuring Sammydress.com, a ecommerce site for awesome clothes

By Tarry

Heya my lovelies…

How was your Independence weekend?
Mine was a mixed bag… a hurried shoot, bad sinusitis attack but exploring a new place with a friend… interesting mix for sure. Freedom is indeed a nice feeling but we need to know our responsibilities too. Only then, we can say yes to freedom… Oh ! Does it sound like a hash tag J

About a month back, I shopped with sammydress.com, a China based apparel and accessory wholesaler. Sammydress.com offers an array of wonderful products to choose from, be it clothes or accessories. Do check out their website. 

I was looking for some new tops as I have nearly exhausted my wardrobe and did not like whatever these brands were selling. And whatever I liked, seemed too expensive. Now I really like to wear and tear my tops and tees. So expensive ones are always off my list. And Sammydress.com that ways wonderful indeed. With tops as less as $5 (INR 300), you can really fill your wardrobe. And above all, all the dresses and tops are latest fashion. 

Indian Fashion Blog Panchtatva the essence of Life : Sammydress.com haul

So you can surely go bonkers shopping. Their site is really exhaustive and the choice is abundant. Also, since it clearly mentions sizes, you will find it easy to get your measurements. I am curvy and still found so many things to shop :-) 

Now this is what I ordered. I paid through a voucher that was given to me from Sammydress. The entire package reached me in 25 days which is a decent time. They charge somewhere between $ 3 to $ 5 which roughly comes up to INR 300. So its always better to order loads of stuff together to save on shipping

First was a loose fitting peacock design top (product link here)  
You have already seen my OOTD wearing this fabulous piece of clothing and styling it in my own way here.
It is a nice chiffon top which is really comfortable to wear. I have spoken about it in length. Do check the ootd :-) 
Second is this top which I would be featuring really soon. (product link here) 
. I really loved the material as it is a cotton blend which is so comfy. It looks like this on the website. Just waiting to get into it... 

Indian Fashion Blog Panchtatva the essence of Life : Sammydress.com haul
Third was a pair of earrings. I have already showcased it on Instagram and will be showing them off the blog very soon too. They are an amazing quality and look very pretty. 

Indian Fashion Blog Panchtatva the essence of Life : Sammydress.com haul

You can shop it from here.

PEL SHOUTS : Overall, I am happy with the quality and prices of the stuff available at sammydress.com. You must check them out surely if you are looking for affordable and fashionable western wear. It does take a bit of time for delivering. However, the wait is definitely worth it.

How do you find this Haul Shaul feature on PEL ?
 Have you checked out Sammydress? Which other ecommerce site would you like us to review? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I really need to explore this site in the future.. those earings are very cute.. loved them :)

  2. My god the tops are really inexpensive, I must check it out and those earrings are so cute. :)


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