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By Tarry

Hi lovelies,
Phew! It’s been a crazy week indeed. Blog, personal work, professional pending tasks, some other creative tasks… God! While I do feel stressed at times, the ‘Gemini’ in me is happy and excited. Excited, because some new things seem to be happening at the moment. Fingers crossed.

We all understand the perils of our fast paced lifestyles. And it is not just working women, but even housewives who fall prey to this. And not just women, but even men and now, kids too. Somehow, fitness always tends to take a backseat for us and it is only when one fine day our body refuses to take it anymore, that we realize what we have been missing.
I have been making little lifestyle changes of late for a fitter me and my family. And when I got an opportunity to try out some fitness Attas (flours), I jumped for it. I have been trying them long enough to review it now.
Presenting to you all dearies, 
the JIWA Slimming Atta

INDIAN FOOD BLOG : JIWA Slimming Atta for a fitter you 

What the brand claims :
JIWA India's first atta brand introducing probiotic health & fitness range of atta, now available at Natures Basket and Food Hall Palladium. The humble whole-wheat roti gets an urban twist with JIWA, a modern-day chakki, giving atta a whole new meaning with India first atta product with added probiotics along with an innovative twist and combination atta ranging from health and fitness atta to delectable selection of gourmet atta. The brand has ingeniously supplemented their products with probiotics and is proud to be the first ones to do so. The Slimming Atta is a recipe that contains foods that help manage weight, control calorie intake, speed up metabolism, burn fat and curb your appetite. Way healthier than crash diets.

INDIAN FOOD BLOG : JIWA Slimming Atta for a fitter you 

Some Interesting facts about the man behind JIWA :
JIWA is developed by a young enthusiast Raghav Gupta. An MBA from Babson College USA, this young man in his late twenties is as passionate about eating good, tasty food as he is about eating it to stay healthy. In fact, this love for connecting with natural, wholesome food is what drove him to come up with the concept for Jiwa. According to him, he wants people to enjoy food not for just eating it, but also becoming healthier and fitter. With Jiwa, he is introducing a variety of attas that can make that small, but significant change in your lives.

INDIAN FOOD BLOG : Raghav Gupta, the brain behind JIWA  

Price : Rs 149 for 1 kg

Availability : R City Mall at Ghatkopar, FoodHall at Palladium Mall and many more places in Mumbai and Pune. Also at Café@JIWA in Khar. Even Online. Check the website for details

INDIAN FOOD BLOG : JIWA Slimming Atta for a fitter you 

On The Outside:
The concept of getting slimmer by just changing your atta is indeed interesting. The JIWA slimming atta contains soya and spinach alongwith sendha namak, details of which all are given on the pack. The packaging is interesting and inside the hardboard box is the atta which is housed in a silver foil packaging. Interesting, appealing and very useful indeed. The packaging has full points. Since all the details are also mentioned on the pack, it solves all its purposes.


On the Inside:
I have been eating rotis made from this atta for over a week now and yes, I really like it. Due to the spinach content, the rotis or paranthas (whatever you choose to make out of them) are slightly green in colour. They knead and puff like your regular rotis. I have teamed them with the veggies and also, enjoyed them with just some curd or chutneys. And believe me, they are best the latter way. No comprises on taste I must say. Now the slimming part. Well after I consume rotis made from this atta, I do not feel hungry for atleast four hours, whereas otherwise, I want to binge after every two hours. So it does make you feel full and stops those midmeal binges. Also, spinach and soya content are said to make your metabolism go higher and burns fat faster. I do feel much lighter with these rotis and enjoy them a lot. They have no weird taste unlike many diet food options and can be easily tuned into your everyday meals. Infact, I do recommend it especially for those who are always conscious about those scales measuring higher.

INDIAN FOOD BLOG : My favourite way of enjoying the JIWA slimming roti... just like that 

 Thumbs up for:
- Interesting concept
- Good packaging
- Does help in managing weight
- Excellent taste, nothing weird like diet food
- Can be easily included in your everyday meals

 Thumbs down for:
- So far limited availability is the only con I can see.


The JIWA Slimming Atta is indeed a delight for weight watchers. Even if you are not cribbing about your weight, just a small change in your routine food habits can make a big difference to your health. Do check it out, specially those who are in Mumbai and Pune, for you are definitely worth a healthier lifestyle and fitter you J

#PR Sample, but views are honest and unbiased. 

How did you find this review of JIWA Fitness Atta ?
 Would you make this change in your lifestyle?  

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. This looks a great and a quite healthy option, would suggest it in the house to start using this atta, lovely post tarry.

  2. Thanks Arzoo.... they have many variants. Am sure you would find some that you like. You can also try their fitness Atta....


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