Birthday celebrations with Lindt Chili-Chocolate and Ear Pulling

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By Tripti 
Hi… my dear friends. 
Thank you so much for loving me here… I am so overjoyed.

I am back with another mind-blowing thing I came across recently and thought I should share with you all. Last few days were really happening for me. It was my birthday last week and my first one in a foreign land. I was a bit unsure on how it would be without my family and friends.  But, it went really great and I found something interesting that I wish to share.
Spices and Indians apparently carry a strong bond, but for a girl who eats 1-2 green chili without a single tear, spices are not enough to compensate for the hotness of chili… J  The very first meal with friends here in a restaurant made my “chili level” a topic of gossip. Especially, since I poured nearly a whole bottle of red chili sauce in my food at a Thai restaurant…. J
Ok… so when it comes to a ‘birthday gift’ for a girl, chocolates are the first pick. So, as expected, I too received many of them but one chocolate among all just grabbed my attention (and everyone else’s too) and made me share this. It is special as neither had I tasted it ever nor I saw it in India…

It is a chocolate from ‘LINDT’ (famous Swiss chocolate brand) called EXCELLENCE CHILI. Imagine a dark chocolate with CHILI in it… WOW!

Indian Food Blog : Birthday celebrations with Lindt Chili-Chocolate and Ear Pulling

Nobody had the patience to see my reaction, as my friend Nina gifted it to me (See her pix with me). I took a bite of it with several eyes staring at me. I chewed and it was just like other dark chocolate. But yes, when I swallowed it…. Umm, I had a sensation in my throat… a sensation just as if I have taken a bite of green chili. It was amazing… I was really amazed and happy; and my friends were very happy to see my reaction to their awesome gift.
Read more about the chocolate here : Lindt Chili Chocolate

Indian Food Blog : Birthday celebrations with Lindt Chili-Chocolate and Ear Pulling

This is another variety of chocolate from ‘LINDT’. In this chocolate they have removed the conventional very sweet flavor of chocolate and given it a twist, mixing 49% of chocolate (dark chocolate base) with aroma and Red pepper to make it spicy. Using less sugar based ingredient makes it good for “Fat conscious” people. I would recommend this to give your tongue a pleasant surprise.

Indian Food Blog : Birthday celebrations with Lindt Chili-Chocolate and Ear Pulling

Also, I came across one cute Spanish tradition they do with the birthday baby :-) … In this ritual they pull the ears of the birthday person as many times as his/her age in years. Thank god, they were softer to me in pulling my ears because they explained me that as kids they literally use to hang on to each other’s ear… It was really fun…. And I was so happy to have such lovely friends…

PS : Am travelling with hubby dear for a lovely holiday at the moment… But would be back with lots more interesting stuff for you all… Till then, stay happy J

PEL SHOUTS : Chocolates, specially dark ones, are my favourite too Trips. And Lindt is indeed one of my favourite ones for their flavoured black chocolates. WOW! I am sure you enjoyed this one to the tee since I know you love spiceyness. And your birthday look is so lovely sweetie. Am waiting for you to be back and bombard with post on travel, food and ootd... 

How did you find this chocolate review on PEL ?
 What are your favourite chocolate brands and flavours?  

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Awww...This is an adorable post! That Lindt Chocolate with Chili is one of my Favorite chocolates! Wishing you a belated happy bday :)

  2. thank you Richa ... ya, this chocolate came to me as a surprise and made me it's fan..


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