Sizzling evenings and coffee time - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge

By Tarry

Ok... So I am a highly proclaimed coffee addict. Yes I do have a liking for tea as well and at times, switch my loyalties to other flavoured drinks as well, but nothing beats my love and passion for coffee. 

I look for no opportunities to enjoy my favourite cup. So when the opportunity means an evening out at a latest coffee and food joint in the city, I did not want to miss it for anything. And if that new joint happens to be a name that has already carved a niche in North India and West India, Somebody Stop ME ... ;-) 

So this weekend, I got a chance to checkout Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge here at Lucknow. Originally hailing from Gujarat, CCRL has 8 outlets including 4 at Surat and 1 each at Ahmedabad, Jabalpur, Amritsar and Lucknow. A purely vegetarian and non alchohol serving food joint, this is one place where you can hang out with friends, besties, girl gang or even family. Despite being vegetarian, their platter is filled with such awesome stuff that you do not miss out any non-veggie stuff. 

This is my experience at the Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge at Lucknow. And the franchisee owners claim that the chain has maintained its quality and food taste in all its outlets. Read on ... 

Sizzling evenings and coffee time - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
Location :
 The CCRL at Lucknow is situated at Mandir Marg in Mahanagar, near Gole Market. I liked the location for it is easily accessible from any part of the city and through any mode of transport. 

Sizzling evenings and coffee time - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge

Ambiance : 

I must say a lot of thought has gone into designing the lounge. Unlike the regular run of the mill 'dark and mysterious' kind of lounges, this comes across as very warm and nice. Just the kind you would like to enjoy your coffee at. From bar stool like high chairs to loungers, cozy sofa, comfy chairs, bean bags and even a high seat and a cane swing.... take your pick where you want to sit to enjoy your drink and your food. Check these pictures. 

Sizzling evenings and coffee time - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge

Food Menu : 
From burgers, to maggie, to rolls, to fresh dough pizzas to garlic bread to pastas... there is everything on the platter here. The Franchisee owner Sarvesh Pandey, a very warm and enterprising man, suggested that we should opt for their best sellers. And guess what are they? Vegetarian sizzlers.. Simply awesome and perfect blend of veggies and herbs, they just make your taste buds go 'YUM'... Here are some... Maggie Sizzler, Pasta Sizzler, Mexican Sizzler, Chinese Sizzler, Garden Fresh Vegetables and Teekha Paneer. We ordered a Teekha Paneer. The rice and paneer combo was spiced well with herbs and boiled veggies and a nice white sauce, giving them a completely out of the world kind of flavour. Price range from Rs 235 onwards.  

 Teekha Paneer Sizzler - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
We also ordered an Olivio Pasta which had a nice flavour of black olives and italian herbs like thyme. Sarvesh also insisted that we should try the CCRL famous Maggie Fried Rolls ( Rs 135 for 4 pieces). Crunchy crispy rolls filled with soft, spicy Maggie noodles... WOW! Awesome and indeed, a favourite. 

Awesome Maggie Fried Rolls  - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
Olivio Pasta - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
Beverages Menu : 
Coffee, Iced Teas, Granitas, Mocktails, Shots.... Another exhaustive list. While I almost wanted to try everything out, I thought of checking out coffee first. After all, its Coffee Culture. We ordered a Nutty Milon which had a distinct hazelnut flavour and choco chips. Our other order consisted of Cinnamon Freeze (cold) and Dopio (Black coffee with an espresso shot. The flavours were well blended, yet the strong flavour of coffee was intact. Ethereal... :-) 

Cold or Hot? - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
Apart from coffees, CCRL is also famous for its mocktails and shots. The names are indeed quite interesting. Sample this - B5Two, U R Fired, Red Wall Banger, Virgin Chasing Virgin, Go Go Go and Kamakazi. The last one is quite an experience in itself. Served directly by the bar tender, you have to gulp as much as you can in one go. Fast Paced music with the entire staff cheering for you... WOW! Shot that makes your adrenaline rush. Must Try indeed... From Rs 125 onwards. 

Your Truly tries out the Kamakazi Shots  - Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
If the ambiance and food and drinks is not enough, the friendly staff makes it a day for you. They serve everything with a smile and are happy to help you make a choice. Sarvesh says he ensures that even if it is a rush hour, the staff has a smile on their face. Indeed... this goes a long way. 

Team Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge
Overall, I would say that if you enjoy food and drinks and coffee, you must hit this place with your gang. It's a delight for vegetarian food lovers and the drinks are must have. Do try the Kamakazi shots if you love that little adventure in everyday life. 

PEL Rating 
4.98 out of 5 

Have you checked and dined at the Coffee Culture Ristorante Lounge ?
 Which is your favourite food and drink there?
Which is your favourite spot for coffee in your city?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. wow...This certainly looks like a place I must visit the next time I am in Lucknow...Such a chilled out cafe! Nd the food looks so very yummyie :)


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