O Womaniya : This firefly can make you go all bling, in your way

By Tarry

Hey Lovelies,

Welcome to another edition of O Womaniya…. 
You know ever since I started blogging and ever since I started my own blog, this is the column that has given me immense happiness and satisfaction.  I always felt that it helped bring those women into limelight, who are doing a great job in creating their identity as home based entrepreneurs. Whether it is just one or two friends’ together setting up, they have indeed carved a niche for themselves. Each of these women are very talented in their own ways and deserve an applause J

Aren’t we all very fond of jewellery? And what if we can customize our jewellery? From choosing the beads to the strings to the design and the length? Isn’t it all so exciting. Today on O Womaniya I happily present a woman who does this all for you… Creates your jewellery out of your dreams. 

Here’s Varooni Trikha and her label, Firefly’s … 

from Varooni’s pen…

Varooni's creations for Firefly's

What is Firefly’s?

“Firefly's is a concoction of passion and love for stones, filled with creativity and as the name suggests, the fire which arises from the fusion of both.”

What is the kind of customization you do?

“I like to work my way through a customer’s heart. For me, they are not just customers but my soul connections whom I have to make happy. They pick and choose and then, I design… The moment an order is placed, I feel that I should create something that not only makes her feel and look beautiful, but also special. Because that is what will make her happy and bring out her real glow.”

Varooni's creations for Firefly's

Why did you opt for jewellery designing?

“Jewellery has been a medium to express my creativity and love with stones. I had been working in the field of garments for more than 15 yrs but did not find peace. So I decided to quit. All this while, my love for colours and natural brilliance for stones kept increasing, and the positive energies from these stones kept engulfing me. Jewellery designing was just a natural progression and people loved my specially crafted pieces. Thus I started Firefly’s and became a full time customizer.  I have been creating jewellery since my college days, but finally took the big plunge in May 2013.

Varooni's creations for Firefly's

What has been the most memorable moment so far?

“When I delivered my first customization order, the woman who took it had tears in her eyes. She said that she has never got anything customized just for her. My day was made. This was my big appreciation indeed. And this is what made me go ahead with ‘Firefly’s’ . I have had my low tide moments too, but never felt disheartened. Each time, I emerged much stronger, aspiring to make more women happier.”

Varooni's creations for Firefly's

What are your plans for Firefly’s?

“I like to take the present head on and take things as they come. I am still learning the nuances of this industry and I have no big plans. But yes, I aspire and aim to work hard and make my place in the hearts and lives of millions of women, who get that smile by wearing my creations.”

The designer herself, beautiful Varooni 

PEL SHOUTS : I have seen your creations Varooni and I must say they are awesome. It’s interesting how everything from selecting beads to style to clasp could be so easily customized. Infact I like such kind of jewellery as I can have a piece to match every outfit J Your designs and your creativity also reflects in the way you interact with your customers. I would love to say that every one should atleast check out her work.

Check out Varooni’s creations on FB and etsy.com. You can also connect to her for your personalized creations through FB.
Firefly Blings (Jewellery E-store) : https://www.facebook.com/fireflybling
Bumble beads (Beads E-store) : https://www.facebook.com/bumblefirebling

www.etsy.com  (Jewellery & Beads E-store) : https://www.etsy.com/in-en/shop/FireflyBlings

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How did you like this new feature? Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature? Do write in the comments box below with your mail id or connect at panchtatva.essenceoflife@gmail.com... 


  1. Loved every design... Good initiative dear :-)

  2. Vaarooni Trikha29 July 2014 at 19:09

    Thanks Nids Gautam ! I am glad you like my designs.

  3. Vaarooni Trikha4 August 2014 at 08:47

    Thanks Gawthami :)


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