Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment - For that extra love to your tresses

By Tarry

“….Hair doesn't make or break a woman
but, good hair definitely helps…”

Now you can't even guess where did I read this... I saw these lines long back outside a small salon in Darjeeling and they stuck on to me. Indeed good hair is something we all want and look for... :-) A good hair day makes our day, and a bad one leaves us sulking and all cry baby types. 

As a kid, I was the kinds who never worried about her hair. Since I mostly sported short, easy to manage haircuts, most of the days I used to just fingercomb them and go to school. It was only in college that I graduated towards growing my hair longer. I was blessed with good hair and as a kid, it was mom who took care of them. But post college, I spoilt them a lot with colouring and stuff. My job as a journalist also took a toll on my hair and they turned dry and dull. 

So I am always on an eternal search for products that can help me infuse some life to my tresses. And in this search, I landed up finding a product that could have been my HG one, but a major con stopped it from being. It does wonders for my hair and is a must have for those who have dry, frizzy or dull hair.  

Presenting to you my dear ladies,
Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment.


Revives natural beauty of damaged hair as it rebuilds. This treatment is formulated with hydrolysed keratin. It works in 3 dimensions to actively and intensively repair the cuticle, fibre and matrix of each strand and to help prevent future damage. Use weekly on towel dried hair. Leave to work for 5 - 10 minutes before rinsing. Exclusively professional.  


Rs.295 for 100 ml (quite affordable I may say) 


Now this is the major con. It's only available at salons where Indola products are used. I got this from my parlour wali. 


The Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment comes in a small tub packaging with a screwable cap. The packaging is white with green detailing and black lettering. Simple, conventional, no fuss. The tub is quite convenient to carry when travelling as the cap fits on perfectly and the product doesn't bug. I have taken it in my travel kit and it's great. The packaging has all details including ingredients. However, the price has been mentioned only as a stamp below. 


The treatment is basically a hair mask. It is white in colour and has a pearly sheen to it. It's quite smooth to touch and is in a paste form, which is neither too thick nor too runny. It is easy to use on towel dried hair as it spreads well and even rinses of well. A little goes a long way.

I am in love with what the Indola Innova mask does to my hair. It not only makes them super soft, completely tangle free (when a comb is used to spread it) and gives them an awesome shine. I can't say much about strengthening but yes, since my hair is smooth, the hairfall is barely anything. Also, the effect lasts for two days which is fine with me. I concentrate more on the ends and they look nourished. It also doesn't weigh my hair down. In all, if the major con was not there, it would have been my dream product :-(

-       Does what it claims. Makes hair smooth and shiny and controls frizz.
-    Easy to use and easy to rinse off.
-       Fuss free, travel friendly packaging.
- Doesn't weigh the hair down. 
- Perfect for all seasons, specially monsoons.

Super Limited availability (Biggest con).

4.9 out of 5


The Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment is everything I could have asked for. It makes my hair truly beautiful. Only if it was available easily .. :-(

PS : Girls if you wanna try it out, my parlourwali is ready to send it off with a shipping charge of Rs 60 to any city. She already sends it to Delhi and many other cities. Do connect with me for this :-) 

Have you tried the Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment ?
 Which is your favourite hair mask ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. seems great, wish it was available online.

  2. wow...This looks like a lovely product to tame the tresses! Loved your detailed take on this.. :)

  3. It is available only in salons right? Looks like a good product...I just bought Sulphate Free Argal oil shampoo and mask..Try that too :)


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