Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream

By Tarry

“….apne khoobsurat paon zameen par mat rakhiyega... 
maile ho jayenge...."  -- Pakeezah.. 
When it comes to describing beautiful feet, I always love these lines from the classic hindi film, 'Pakeezah'. Remember the scene where Rajkumar leaves a note for Meena Kumari in the train.... 

Well I am a die hard romantic at heart, but I would never like someone to leave a note for my feet like this. Although, I have had a very cute moment when someone sang the entire song 'Saagar jaisi aankhon wali' in a College Antakshari and later even announced that this song was for me ;-) 

Aah! anyways... we are talking about feet. And yes, amidst our daily hustle bustle we tend to forget that extra pampering for the feet. What if we get one foot care product that not only soothes our tired feet, but also makes them super soft and beautiful... ? 

After years of search, I think I have found a product that I feel is perfect for foot care. It made my bad winter heels super soft and summer ready and really soothes my tired feet. 
So here's for all, 
The Aaranyaa Soft Heel Cream  

Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream
Specially formulated with natural extracts and organic ingredients, to cure hard, dry, and cracked heels and make heels soft, smooth and crack free. The cream is so effective that one can see positive changes in 4 days. People who have hard and dry skin on elbow and knee joints can also use this cream

Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream

Rs 165 for 75 gms (very economical indeed)

Selected Aaranya counters and online through


This is a very travel friendly packaging. The packaging is opaque tube which has a brown and muddy yellow label. The label is quite attractive and gives all details of the product, including the ingredients, on the back. The cap is flip open brown in colour, which fits well.  A basic yet sturdy packaging.  

Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream


The ingredients of the Aaranyaa soft heel cream are quite impressive. It contains neem seed oil, clove oil, amla and turmeric extracts, beeswax and menthol oil. And the cream does smell of menthol. It is a beigish white coloured cream, with has a slightly gritty texture. But its quite easy to rub and blend on the heels. Once applied, it gives a cooling feeling to the feet and hence, is awesome for those tired feet. I have used this on severely cracked heels and believe me, it only took 10 days for them to become soft and beautiful... Overall an amazing product indeed.
Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream


-       Good price and quantity.
-   Travel friendly packaging. 
- Good herbal ingredients and a product that does not have loads of chemicals  
- Soothes tired feet
- Does what it claims and gives real smooth heels. 

Foot care at its loveliest best - Aaranya Soft heel cream

- Not easily available. 
- The smell may be bothersome for those with sensitive noses. 

4.98 out of 5


The Aaranya Soft heel cream is a nice, natural ingredient based product that doesn't make any tall claims but delivers well. It not only makes the feet really smooth, but also sooth tired feet. A must have product to show that special love for your feet... 

Have you tried the Aaranya Soft heel cream ?
 Which is your favourite product for foot care?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Awww....Thats a sweet story Babe! I love those lines too....
    This looks like a great cream...would love to try it out :)


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