Fashion Files : Street Vs Brands - Dainty bracelets for your delicate wrists

By Aakriti

"Never let your wrist feel empty… 
you never know when someone may wish to hold them…"

Hi Girls,

Once again I am back to make you look daintily lovely J

Here's my this week's post on why we shouldn't let our wrists be empty. One usually ends up wearing a nice watch or maybe ring to cover our wrists with atleast one pair of accessory. But isn't that too mainstream?

A heavy wrist band may sometime feel too much for your daily wardrobe, so I bring to you my collection of delicate and dainty bracelets. 

Here in this week’s STREET vs BRANDS, for a girl's delicate wrists.

Panchtatva the essence of life : Street Vs Brands - Dainty bracelets for your delicate wrists 

Here’s the first category – STREET

I happened to have picked this amazing piece of accessory from the daily night street bazaars of Pataya, Thailand.
Not only was the place full of such pieces, but these were available at throwaway prices. This is one of my favourite bracelets because of the way the pearls drop down from the golden chain. I manage to pair this with both Indian as well as western outfits on a busy day, where any other accessory seems to much to carry. The best part about this bracelet is how the colour gold and white compliment each other in a very soothing manner !

Panchtatva the essence of life : Street Vs Brands - Dainty bracelets for your delicate wrists

The golden is dull gold, and does not add that extra bling to make thing look over dressy.
Here's what we all want to hear ... the price !!!! After converting into Indian rupees, this bracelet was purchased at INR 40 !
Yes!!! It’s a 2 digit sum ! The bracelet hasn't worn out its colours or broken till date. This was one such amazing deal I happened to have made over my trip to Thailand ! And yes, I have seen similar pieces in markets like Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar in Delhi too.

Panchtatva the essence of life : Street Vs Brands - Dainty bracelets for your delicate wrists

Now the second category - BRANDS

We have all heard of one of the world's finest jewellery stores by the name of "Swarovski", an Austrian brand known specially for its luxury cut lead glass (crystal).
I happen to possess their masterpiece in my bracelet collection. It's beauty lies in it's delicate craftsmanship, placement of 17 Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver metal base. It's one very small piece of jewellery but surely an eye catcher for the shine of its crystals.

Panchtatva the essence of life : Street Vs Brands - Dainty bracelets for your delicate wrists

Swarovski Stores are put up in almost all metropolitan malls of India. I happened to have purchased this from Swarovski Store, Chandigarh. Unlike fashion jewellery, this piece of jewellery will stay with you forever without any wear and tear because of use of pure raw materials. It's an expensive buy but a one time investment. One can pair this with any outfit for both formal as well as casual occasions.
I happened to have purchased this for INR 3495 after a 20% discount.

So Girls, never let your wrist feels alone, bling them on with some metal wrapped around them … for you never know ;-)

PEL SHOUTS : These are so pretty Aakriti... The second one is indeed a dainty little piece. Just like the dainty little miss you are.... Personally, like all street vs brands posts, here too streets wins hands down for me. Lovely post and love the nail colour ... 

How did you find this feature on PEL ?
 What are your favourite brands or markets for picking up bracelets? What kind of bracelets do you love? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Both the pieces are lovely! the first one you got at an amazing post :)

  2. Thankyou soo much :D


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