Welcoming Aakriti Saxena onboard PEL - the lifestyle writer

Hey all
Thanks for all the love you keep showering on PEL. We are growing with each passing day, and so is the team PEL. From just me alone to Me and Manjushree (Maggie), we have surely come a long way indeed. And now, Join me in welcoming the youngest and the newest member to team PEL -

Aakriti Saxena.  

The young  and enthusiastic Taurean joins PEL as Lifestyle writer.

In Aakriti’s words :
"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset... "
Hi guys, I'm AAKRITI SAXENA and I'm going to be providing you with some interesting and hopefully useful articles for this blog as the lifestyle writer. I am 20 years old and half way through my applied arts degree from the Government College of Arts Chandigarh. I live in the city which is so beautiful and wish to provide you all with the beauty that surrounds me here. Shopaholic would not be the right word as much as a hobby which is what I would like to call my favourite pass time.
Accessories are my weakness as much as good lip colours are. I bake cupcakes and design ads for extra career advancement. All the information that this blog provides is something that interest me a lot and i feel it is very useful for personal care. I aspire to put in my maximum that I can for PEL. So stay tuned for latest updates on the most exciting topics like latest trends in accessories and fashion just from me.

She is not just a beautiful girl, but a very intelligent one too. Apart from her college, Aakriti also designs ads and even bakes awesome cupcakes (check her page sugardust on FB… Those in Chandigarh canways try them out for sure…) She is not just a natural makeup enthusiast, but an accessories junkie for sure. On PEL, she will not only review products, but majorly focus on accessories and current trends. How do I know her? Well, I have literary dressed her up as a little doll. She is my first cousin and one of the bestest friends… J
Her first post is already up guys. I’m sure you would all shower the same love and care on her as you do to all other members of PEL…


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