Hair smoothening and hair cut experience at Basil Spa and Salon, Mumbai - Review

By Maggie Manjushree 

Hello beautiful ladies!

How are you all doing? Life for me is hectic ever since I shifted to Mumbai.  And these days, the weather has also got humid. I am a little lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. So combining all the three, i.e. busy schedule, laziness and humid weather, my hair had become really frizzy and unmanageable.
My sailor would be coming soon and I want to look my best when I meet him….
And hair management was in top of my list. I discussed with Tarry about getting some hair treatment done, who suggested I should check out some deal websites as they offer really good stuff. 
She also asked me to first make up my mind on what I wanted to do.All my life, I have had wavy frizzy hair so I knew that I wanted to get them straight now. But not poker straight ofcourse, something that looks lovely and natural. I was also planning for a haircut. 
Finally, I got a deal from a website called, which was offering smoothening/rebonding/relaxing with hair wash and advance hair cut for just Rs 2000. I took up this deal and made an appointment for a weekday. 
Here’s a tip : try making appointments on weekdays for such services and specially afternoon, because these salons are generally empty and you get a really good service and loads of time

Here is my experience. I had opted for hair smoothening services by Basil Salon & Spa, situated at Seven Bunglows near the Costa Coffee outlet in Andheri West.  
The salon has this warm and comfortable feeling, and the staff members welcomed with a nice welcome drink and a smile on their face. I was introduced to senior stylist Sheetal, who comes with loads of experience and is a very charming lady.
Sheetal checked my hair and told me that since my hair is super dry, they would have to use a hair mask for which they would charge an extra Rs 500. 

my hair before the service

I asked her to go ahead.  She washed my hair and applied the hair mask for around 3 minutes. Now my hair was prepped up for smoothening. Next she applied the Loreal Hair extenso cream for 50 minutes, which opens the pores, followed by wash and second round of mask.After the second hair wash, my hair was blow dried and then ironed.
While blow drying, Sheetal also cleared my confusion about rebonding, straightening, smoothening, relaxing and shine bond. According to her, In rebonding ironing is done thrice after blow dry and post that, a neutralizer is used. It gives poker straight look with shine. 
In Straightening, ironing is done twice only with blow dry and neutralzer. It’s a simple sleek look with shine.  For smoothening, ironing is done only once after blow dry followed by neutralzer. The hair looks naturally straight with shine.  Smoothening gives natural straight hair look with shine. Shine bond only uses the neutralizer with cream. It’s basically to improve the texture and shine.

That's Sheetal working on my hair
After the ironing, the neutralizer was applied on my hair. This locks the straight look. 40 minutes later, a third hair wash and then, hair mask once again. Finally, the fourth hair wash followed by the hair cut and blow dry. Since the package said advance hair cut I was looking at something incredible. But I was just given a simple cut with bangs. I wanted shorter bangs but they said this looked fine. 

The final blow dry before the cut

Overall, I was happy with the smoothening as it gave really beautiful and well managed look to my hair. However, I was not happy with the hair cut at all and felt they could have improved it much.

Here's the final look : 

My new found shinier and silkier hair :-) Am loving it 

Here are the details of the Basil Salon and Spa :
Shop No 3, Sea Crest 1, Near Titan Showroom & Costa Coffee, Seven Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400061  +(91)-98216007239867158584


  1. Nice! The result is quite impressive! :)

  2. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters4 June 2014 at 22:50

    Thats aweumm.. such a stunning difference.. :O .. I need one desperately!! :D

  3. great results.

  4. Amazing! This really seems to have made a difference to your hair Maggie..Totally loving the end..I need to try this very soon! :)

  5. Manali Mayekar19 June 2014 at 19:51

    Wow luvly results.. Its amazing... I want to do the same, may I know the results last for how long?

  6. Thanks manali! Yes you can go ahead if you want a change for your hair.. texture and shine will remain for three- four months ( depend on your hair growth) but if you want more straight hair than go for straightening :)

  7. Thanks richa! I am also loving my hair.. If you want it .. Go ahed gurl;)

  8. Thanks poo.. I am also amazed by looks what i got after this..


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