Winner declaration : PEL's first ever giveaway


It's finally out... The winners of the blog, Panchtatva's first ever giveaway... I am really so excited announcing the names.

It has been such a fabulous giveaway. Infact, it went through it's share of ups and downs too. Initially, could not start it on the day when I wanted to. Then, for the first 15 days, there were just two entries :-(

But then I realised that timing was wrong. March is the month of financial closing in offices and examinations. So no wonder people were not even reading the blog. So I decided to extended the deadline and gave everyone the entire month of April to participate.

It was really exciting. Almost everyday, two to three entries poured in. People got really innovative and gave some fabulous names to the exhibits which they could win. Some of them got very active on twitter too, while others were active about the giveaway on facebook.

The entries were awesome... each name really beautiful. I was finding it difficult to choose a winner so I asked a jewellery designer friend of mine, who works with a very big brand, to help me choose the winner. Just gave her the exhibits and the names... not the names of the participants so that the selection is completely fair.

And finally.... yes.... finally... here are the three winners.....

The third prize winner, who gets the beautiful exhibit 4 is

she rechristened the exhibit as 'LEAVES GONE GOLD'

The second prize winner, who gets the beautiful exhibit 3 is

Pankhuri Vijay
(FB Name Pankhuri Vijay)
She rechristened the exhibit as Mystic Turquoise Myth
And finally, the first prize winner, who gets exhibit 1 and 2 is

Hold your breath…

Bidisha Sinha
(Mermaid Bidisha)
For rechristening the exhibits as Crystal Droplets and Golden Desire  

Infact, there was a tie for exhibit 2... but I found that both the names were give by Bidisha... 

Congratulations to all the winners. Do send your contact details and address to by Monday May 12, 12 noon. If anyone fails, I would have to choose other winners. 
I would keep you posted when your prizes get dispatched. 

And those who did not win, stay tuned because another awesome giveaway would start soon and those who have participated in the first one, would surely get some extra browney points. 

Also, the blog updates are now available on twitter as well. So you can follow it on   @panchtatvablog for updates and contest details. 


  1. Tejinder Kaur9 May 2014 at 15:43

    Congratulations to all winners :)

  2. Aprajita Trivedi9 May 2014 at 15:44

    :( :(


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