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By Tarry

Hello lovelies…

As I have been saying to you all, summers are finally here. Although today the weather was a lot pleasant, still we cannot ignore the harsh summers. So this week, I decided to devote the entire week to sun care, be it pre or post.
Sun care special Week on PEL J

Each one of us would like to stay beautiful even as we enjoy the summer sun and I am no exception. When I was a TV journo, I had a tough time as we were doing lives in front of the camera in scorching sun. And we always had to face the sun, no matter what. Trials and testing followed, and finally, I have found some products which not only keep tanning a lot under control, but also help in recovering from it J
Presenting the first product for this week,
The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++.   

The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++

What the brand claims:
A revolutionary, preservative-free, light-weight formulation containing potent herbal extracts with multiple benefits.
The easy to blend texture gives non-sticky and clean feel.
The 10 benefits:
High UVA & UVB protection
Tan prevention
Prevention of brown spots and pigmentation
Skin lightening benefits
Anti-wrinkle benefits
Protection from freckles, sun spots & sun burn
Anti-ageing properties
Health prevention- helps to prevent skin cancer
Carrot and avocado extracts: healing properties that soften smoothen and nourish skn
Preservative- free safe formula

The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++

495 INR for 60 gms. (On the higher side indeed, but the quantity was good for two months when I used it atleast thrice daily)

The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++

Availability : Online (you can get it on discount there) and almost every counter selling Lotus herbals.

On the outside:
Lotus herbals is one of the biggest names in India when it comes to sunscreens. Infact, I believe almost all of us must have tried one or two sunscreens from Lotus for sure. My earlier favourite was the SPF 40 three in one and another SPF 30 from Lotus. But when my SPF 40 got over, I thought of checking this one out. The packaging is the usual Lotus Herbals one in deep orangish-yellow. The tube is packed in a cardboard box and both the tube and box have all details including product detail, instructions, ingredients and price. The flip open cap is quite sturdy, but the product accumulates there (I think that’s common with all lotus tubes). I always keep this in the box when travelling with it to ensure there is no spillage.

The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++

On the inside:
The biggest pro about this Multifunction sunblock is that it is paraben-free. It is perfect for combination-oily skin people and even those with dry skin can use it over a moisturizer. The sunblock is like a tinted moisturizer which is runnier in texture than the SPF 40 variant. So far, it has never broke me out or left a deep cast on my face like the SPF 40 one. It is a broad spectrum sunblock, which has SPF 70 and offers PA+++ protection, protecting you from all the harmful UV rays. It smells quite fruity, which is nice and does not irritate. Only a pea sized amount is required for the entire face and neck, which makes the sunblock quite economical. However, it’s difficult to wear it when you are wearing white clothes as it can stain your necklines. I have been applying it quite religiously and it helps me in saving the tan upto 90 per cent. Also, since its tinted, just using this with kajal and lip gloss can make you look done for the day J

The Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sun Block in SPF 70 PA+++

Thumbs up for :
-       Broad spectrum protection with SPF 70 and PA+++.
-       Tinted for good coverage.
-       Good for all skin types, especially oily and combination.
-         Light smell so it does not irritate sensitive noses.
-       Does help in taking care of the tanning and sun burn.
- Easily available.

Thumbs down for :
-       Can be a little pricey for some.
-       can stain necklines of white clothes.
PEL Shouts : Overall, I find this one of the best sunscreens available in Indian markets. I use it almost everday, leaving days when I wear whites or lighter coloured clothes. Lotus Herbals, your Multifunction sunblock really keeps the bad side of the sun away and lets me enjoy summers.

PEL Rating :
4.7 out of 5

Have you tried the Lotus Herbals suncreens and sunblocks ? Which is your favourite ? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I use lotus herbals 3 in 1 daily matte sunblock and it works great for my combination skin. great post and lovely clicks

  2. Tejinder Kaur7 May 2014 at 12:48

    Looks great...I have used this one..
    Beautifully written..nice review tarry. ..

  3. Tarannum Manjul7 May 2014 at 15:22

    thanks teju... this one is super good...

  4. Tarannum Manjul7 May 2014 at 15:23

    thanks shreoshe ... do try this one too... i liked it more than the daily matte one...


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