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By Tarry

Hey my lovelies….

Have you ever thought of coming back to your old loves? Maybe an old nail polish that is still working fine? Or an old lip gloss which was forever your favourite at one point of time? Or that old headband that reminds you of your awesome years with your girl pals… The idea stuck my mind today morning when I found an old love today morning… keep guessing and I will surely share it with you soon.

Anyways, I am a pucca D-I-Y freak. I do a lot of experimentation with my skin and hair in terms of D-I-Ys and have come up with some awesome recipes. Today I am sharing with you guys an awesome recipe that not only instantly freshens and brightens the skin, but in a long run makes it more taut, visibly reduces fine lines and also, makes the skin more even toned. It is suitable for all skin types, but those with active acne or super sensitive skin can skip it.
Presenting to you my lovelies, the super awesome
Skin Brightening and AHA Boosting exfoliating pack,
using just two ingredients. Yes, just two… J


-       Grapes (3 pieces for the face, you can increase the quantity if you want more for the body as well). You can choose between black or green ones.

-       Fine ground Rice flour (I suggest you keep some 250 gms of grounded rice one time only. That ways, you can keep reusing it. Preferably use unpolished rice)

-       That’s it J  

Step by Step :
-       Wash the grapes well and keep them aside.

-       Now peel them using a small knife. It’s not a difficult task. To make it easier, freeze the grapes for 10 minutes.

-       Mash the peeled grapes with a fork. The juice will automatically come out.

-       Add rice flour in the mix.
-       Mix them well, crushing the grapes even further.

-       Apply this mix on your face and Neck. The mixture should not be too runny.
-       After 12-15 minutes, take a little water in your hands and gently massage the pack with your finger tips, concentrating more on the areas prone to black heads and white heads.
-       Wash with cold water after 5 minutes.

Benefits of this pack :

The grapes are rich in anti oxidants and AHAs and instantly brighten the skin. Over a period of time, they also work on fine lines and even out complexion. The Rice flour not just helps in removing dead skin but also brightens the skin. It is an old Chinese beauty trick.

I have been using this pack once a week for last two months and those who are connected to me on Instagram would remember my ‘face glow’ picture. Yes, that’s the impact. While I have oily skin, my sis with dry skin also swears by it. So do try it next time you buy grapes. All you need is just three pieces… J

Have you tried using grapes for any D-I-Y recipe ? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :) 

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  1. awesome DIY :) trying it today itself :) i love DIYs

  2. Tarannum Manjul20 May 2014 at 16:46

    Thanks Renji... u r my dusky princess... Hope u don't mind this name. Love ur blog... Do try this one. it's awesome...

  3. Great DIY - I will surely give it a shoot soon sweets :)


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