Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise – review, swatch and EOTD

By Tarry 

Hola Lovelies….

Hmmm… waiting for 16th May! Do you really believe ‘Achchhe din aane wale hain” ? Well, A side of me does, because changes are always welcomed. But there is another side which is worried too. Why! Reasons aplenty…

Anyways, this isn’t a forum for me to vent out my political anger and I will ofcourse not do it. I did my first ever eyeup tute and EOTD on the blog recently and was really overwhelmed by the love everyone showered on it. I am planning atleast two more in the series but would be able to do them over the weekend only. So do stay tuned.

Coloured eye pencils are a big fascination for me and when Maybelline launched the colossal kohl in turquoise, I immediately bought it without any second thoughts. This is a lovely colour and if you all remember, my first tute was done using this only.
I have been using it from the past one week and now, am ready to share my love with you.

So presenting today ladies, the lovely 

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise

What the brand claims: 

A unique product, colossal kohl that is specifically designed for two way application, both along the waterline, like a kajal and on the upper lash line, like a liner. Ophthalmologically tested, it is suitable even for contact lens wearers. Colossal effects: With a precision tip for a perfect application and a color fix formula that delivers an intense color results weather used as a kohl or liner, it stays for up to 12 hours.

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise


It is priced at 249 rupees for 0.35 grams. (the budget tag is fine here… love you Maybelline)

Availability : 

Almost everywhere and online too. 

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise

On the outside :

The colossal range has a bright yellow packaging (reminds me so much of the awesome Kolkata taxis J This one too is no exception. But unlike Lakme, Maybelline is smarter. The yellow pencil casing has a bright turquoise blue ribbon like design with the same colour lettering. So no confusion between the black kajal and this one.  It is a retractable pencil and the case is quite sturdy too.

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise

On the inside :

I love the texture of this liner, although it is also a con. It is very creamy and smooth. Despite being a shimmery liner, it does not have a gritty feeling. The pencil glides well, and a little extra pressure can result in the tip breaking so one has to be extra careful. The colour is a lovely turquoise that can be used as a kajal, an eye liner and even an eye shadow. It smudges well to become an eyeshadow, although one needs to be really quick. Once is sets, on the upper lash it stays for some 8 hours, while on the lower lashline and waterline, it stays for 4 hours. It is sumdgeproof and waterproof.

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise swatch

Thumbs up for :

-          Amazing colour and pigmentation. A true summer kind blue.
-          Price is economical.
-          Packaging is good and trendy.
-          Staying power is also good.
-          Smudge proof and waterproof.
-          Safe for contact lens users as well.
-          Great texture.

Thumbs down for :

-          Creaminess of the texture can lead to breakage.
-          Ingredients not mentioned anywhere.

Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise EOTD (As used in IPL inspired look)

PEL shouts :

Maybelline Turq Kohl, you make my days so blue,
My life looks much lovelier and what would I do without you (silly rhyme eh ;-)
I like the Maybelline Colossal kohl in Turquoise as it is a pretty blue that can be worn anytime of the day and would suit everyone. It has a good staying power and even the price tag is good. A must buy.

PEL Rating :
4.8 out of 5.

Have you tried the Maybelline Colossal Turquoise Kohl? 
How do you like to use it? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Love the swatch ...pretty eotd :):)
    Grgs shade

  2. this color looks pretty..i havent seen these at my local drugstore :(

  3. wow gorgeous EOTD. i will this this one soon :D

  4. It is one such pretty color and the texture makes it versatile to even use as an eyeshadow. lovely eyes you have and I really hope dear, achche din jaldi aaye. :)

  5. hey check out my recent post tarry :

  6. Its a Superb Hue <3 .. Looks Lovely on Your Eyes :)
    Loved Your EOTD :)


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