Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 – Review and swatch

By Tarry

Heylo my beauties…

By now, almost each one of us know about the harmful effects of the sun rays. But as most of you would agree to my words, finding the right armour to face the sun is a much bigger task than cutting onions without tears (hain! why did I use this example... ;( ) My journey to find the best one never ends but finally, I have managed to find one that atleast keeps my oily skin looking seriously matte and oil free but not dehydrated and above all does not leave a 'casperish' white cast. I love casper the friendly ghost but certainly would not like to look like him ;-) 

I started off a sun care week this time… And continuing with it, I am now reviewing another sunscreen. Lotus Herbals has always been one of my favourites when it comes to using sunscreens. Not only are the products priced well, but they also are very, very effective.

In my last post, I reviewed the SPF 70 variant from the Lotus suncare range. And while I love it, what I don’t like about it that it stains all white or light coloured clothes. Also,  it isn’t a great option for those days when you want to use makeup over your sunscreen. Here steps in my second favourite sunscreen from the brand.

Presenting to you, 
the Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50.

It is also high on the brand’s publicity list at the moment, as you see advertisements of this variant a lot.

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

Price – Rs. 295 for 50 gm.
Availability : Lotus counters across the country and also, online.

What the brand claims:
A gel based sunscreen that’s so light that it almost vanishes from your skin and leaves a never before matte feel. Especially for oily skin.

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) :Sebum Control Vanilla (Vanila Plamifolia) Soothing Horse Chestnut (Trapa Bispinosa) :UV Protector

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

On the outside :
The packaging is the usual deep sunset yellow Lotus tube and no cardbox box holds this tube. The details including ingredients and price are mentioned on the back of the tube. The cap is a flip open one and closes to a click, hence making it suitable for carrying. Incidentally, this is perhaps the only Lotus product where the product does not accumulate inside the cap or the sides of the opening. 
Perhaps the consistency is the queen here J

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 swatch

On the inside :

True to its name, the sunscreen is in a translucent white gel form. It is very easy to apply and not sticky at all. Once applied, it blends well into the skin, leaving no cast or the ‘chip-chip’ feeling. It has a mild fragrance which is not at all annoying. The gel base is awesome for oily and combination skin beauties. It gives a lovely matte finish and is also good as a makeup base for summers. When re applied after every three hours, it does help in keeping 90 per cent of the tan away. And the matte free no-shine look stays for around 3 to 4 hours. So for those whose skin oozes oil in summers, this is a magical gel indeed.

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 blended

Thumbs Up for :

-          Llight and non-greasy texture making it apt for oily skin.
-          SPF 50 which is good for Indian summers.
-          Quite economical as only a little is needed.
-          Can be used for a makeup base.
-          Doesn’t break out sensitive skin.
-          Saves tanning upto 90 per cent if used every three hours.

Thumbs down for :

-          Some people may find it expensive.
-          Excess use can lead to chip-chip feeling so it has to be controlled.
-          Since it’s a gel, a lot of product still remains inside the tube after you have nearly finished it. And no, it is not easy to squeeze it out.

Oily skin and summers don’t go well together, but with Lotus Herbals Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 in my vanity, I can vanish all the summer oily skin blues away.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5. 

Have you tried the Lotus Herbals suncreens and sunblocks ? Which is your favourite ? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Jhilmil D Saha7 May 2014 at 16:11

    This is great...generally sunscreens are never meant for oily skin

  2. Tarannum Manjul7 May 2014 at 16:13

    yeah jhilmil... this one's perfect for oily skin... does keep the skin oil free for a very long time...


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