IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup – tutorial, EOTD

By Tarry

Heylo my beautiful people! How have you been doing?

First of all, I would like to thank one of you for appreciating my first ever eye makeup tute and eotd on my blog. Despite all odds, you all showered me with your love and encouraged me to try more. Bidisha from Mermaid Bidisha is a perfect sweetheart to help me out in case I am stuck…. And Shomi from pearlypoppies is always generous with her love. Thanks to Niesha, Poo, Arzoo, Preeti and everyone who commented and appreciated <3 <3 <3 

It says practice makes a man (in this case a woman ;-) perfect. But I would also like to add appreciation to it. First time success made me try one more IPL inspired look and this time, the look was easier to achieve and the photographs came out much better. Above all, since I was using my favourite colour, I had to be better ;-)
After getting ‘inspired’ by Mumbai Indians, here comes another one that represents the city where my soul would always be … 

Presenting to you my ladies,
the IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired Eye makeup Look.

Products used :
1.   Red eye shadow. I used my Italian palette.
2.   Blue eye shadow. I used one from Stila Palette.
3.   Eyeshadow primer. I used Inglot duraline.
4.   Rose gold eye shadow. I used my ELF palette.
5.   Shimmer white brow highlighter. Again my Elf Palette.
6.   Matte Black eye shadow or kajal pencil. I used Maybelline colossal kajal and stila palette.
7.   A flat eyeshadow brush and an anglular blender brush.
8.   Mascara. I used Lakme Eyeconic.
9.   Some tissues to remove any fall outs.
10.                Loads of love J

Step by Step :

1.   First, prime your lids and create a clean slate. Also, you can use concealer if you have dark circles.

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

2.   Apply rose gold eye shadow all over your eye lids, till the brow bone. This creates a lovely base.

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

3.   Apply red eye shadow in the inner half of your eye lids. Do create a line on the upper eyeline. Blend it. Keep it just a little above the crease.

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

4.   Apply blue eye shadow on the outer corner creating a ‘V’ and a slight upper wing. Blend it well with the red eyeshadow. Apply the same on the outer corner of your lowerlashline till halfway.

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

5.   Apply white brow highlighter on the brow bone and tear duct area.
6.   Fill in your eyebrows with brown or black eyeshadow.
7.   Line your upper eyelash using matte black eyeshadow or smudged kajal. Use an angular blender brush.
8.   Apply two to three coats of mascara.

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

9.   Wear a red or blue tee and sit in front of the TV for the next Delhi Daredevils match J
Here's the final look :-) 

IPL Special Delhi Daredevils inspired eye makeup

See, if a makeup newbie like me could do it, I believe anyone can. I preferred to keep the red subtle to ensure that this look can be worn during the day too. I teamed it with a red tee and blue jeans classic combo, keeping the lips neutral and got compliments.

Am sure you all would love to try this easy look, especially Delhi Daredevil supporters ;-) Do tell me how you liked it. And stay tuned for some more IPL inspired looks as well.

Have you tried red and blue eyeshadow combo ? 
Which is your favourite product for that? 
Did you like this tutorial ? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Tarannum Manjul26 May 2014 at 15:35

    thanks Gow... I am trying bit by bit... Finally managed to take some decent pix.

  2. Beautiful Eye Makeup Tarry!
    The colors work beautifully on you....You should do more eye makeup! :)

  3. Tarannum Manjul26 May 2014 at 16:47

    thanks Richa...
    am just learning. Am happy how the pix came out better this time than the last one... Thanks for appreciating :-)

  4. U shud kip doing more dear
    u r becoming pro day by day
    pictures are so clear
    and make is clean and crisp :)

  5. Shifa Zariwala27 May 2014 at 00:27


  6. OMG this look soooo good tarry! You know what my favourite colors, both purple and pink are there <3

  7. The two shades amalgated well! I liked the combo! Very Nicely done :)

  8. It's really pretty dear. I love this combination. I agree practice makes a man/woman perfect. :)
    Thanks a lot for the mention. :) Doing something creative and new is always good to see.:* keep posting eotds dear!


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