First Impression - Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair treatment and Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask

By Tarry

Hola my sweeties

So the election heat is finally over and the nation has a new sarkaar and a new PM J But while election heat got over, summer heat has definitely decided to come out fiercely. It’s more than half May and the summer heat wave has been gripping almost the entire nation.

I love summers like all other seasons. But one thing I don’t like about summers is the impact it has on my hair. I have mid length brown wavy dry hair which goes extremely dry, infact jhaadu like (no AAP connections here ;-) in dry summers.

So I am always on a lookout for products that can actually quench the thirst of my hair and add some moisture to them, without actually weighing them down or removing the bounce which they have. So when Israel based company Argan Dew connected to me asking to review some of their products, I thought why not. Argan Dew is one of the renowned name for making products from pure Argan Oil. Now we all have become aware of the benefits of Argan Oil for beauty and hair care.

I received samples of their Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair treatment and Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask.  Here are my first impressions for both.

Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair treatment and Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask

On the Outside :
The Argan Dew samples were shipped from Israel and I got them after 15 days. I got 6 samples in all, three of each product. They are packed in lovely pouches, which have all the details of the product including the ingredients and usage on the back side. Each of the pouches is kept inside a lovely card like case, which has a lovely Aztec design in it. Since I have mid length thick hair, while the quantity of the oil (3.5 ml) was fine for one time usage, the mask (10 ml) was a little less and I feel that the company should ask the details and send samples accordingly for better understanding of the product.

Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair treatment 

On the inside :
I used the Argan Dew replenishing mask first. It is a very thick light yellowish creamy mask which has a pearly finish. The smell is quite strong and it smells spicy and woody… Ah! My favourite smells though.
After washing and towel drying my hair, I applied the mask by spreading it through the hair. The entire quantity wasn’t sufficient still I made sure that my ends were covered with the mask from halfway. I kept it for around 10 minutes while I scrubbed my body (weekly routine). The smell seems a bit bothering till here. But when I washed my hair, I realized it was easy to wash off. The strong smell also reduced and it was a nice lovely smell now. My hair felt much smoother without any tangles and looked shinier as well.
I decided to skip using the serum the same day as I wanted to see the results of the mask. After my hair dried, I felt they were much softer and shine was more. Also, despite being a thick mask, it hadn’t weighed down my hair at all and it had a lovely bounce. I do colour my hair and the highlights looked lovelier. The mask indeed is a wonderful product.

Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask

I applied the oil as a serum the next day on slightly damp hair. The oil treatment is a thick oil based thing, so I was really skeptical of using it. But the moment I rubbed in between my fingers, there was no sticky feeling at all. And when I applied it on my hair, my hair just soaked all of it up. No oily or chip chip feeling. The hair was much softer now and there was an added shine. The bounce was there and so was the volume, but my waves now looked more settled and beautiful. I love this product for sure.   

My first impression of the product is indeed very good. I like the oil more than the mask although the products are on the expensive side ($ 28 for the oil and $ 44 for the mask). But then pure Argan Oil is expensive and these products do give a salon spa like feel and care to the hair.

I would write a final review after two weeks of product usage. One can also view the Argan Dew products on their website and even their facebook page. 

# PR Sample. However, my first impression is not influenced by this and is completely honest and best to my knowledge, original.  


  1. nice review Tarry :)

  2. Radha Krishnakumar19 May 2014 at 19:00

    New brand but sounds good :D

  3. Tarannum Manjul20 May 2014 at 11:55

    thanks Shankari... stay tuned for more..

  4. Tarannum Manjul20 May 2014 at 11:55

    yeps Rads... i had tried moroccon oil long back but this is better.

  5. This sounds wonderful Tarry! I had love to try it...will wait for your final review :)

    Btw How have you been....Its been a long time...

  6. Tarannum Manjul26 May 2014 at 17:03

    I loved the mask... it smells so sexy :-) Btw, its not a serum but an post wash oil... The argan dew team corrected me on this :-)

  7. Tarannum Manjul26 May 2014 at 17:09

    The final review would be up soon Richa...
    I have absolutely loved these products, specially the miraculous oil. Just three used and it has done wonders for my hair.
    its been long girl! lets connect on whatsapp... mssg me ur number on fb


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