Two Kryolan Pearl Lipsticks – review, swatch and LOTD

 By Maggie Manjushree

Hello my beauties…

 As I said, I am back with a bang. So here’s another post from me on some of my favourite products. When we talk about professional and affordable make-up, the name of Kryolan comes on the top. A professional makeup company, Kryolan has a wide range of makeup products. It was introduced to me by my lil’ sister, who gifted me a number of kryolan products in my wedding.

 The brand offers an array of beautiful shades in three categories namely  
LP (Lipstick Pearl), LC (Lipstick Classic) and LF (Lipstick Fashion). Basically, they are all different finishes. And each one is fabulous.

Today, I am going to review two of my Kryolan lipsticks from the pearl range, LP 695 and LP 614.
Kryolan Pearl Lipsticks 
What the brand claims:
Lipstick pearl - Lipstick with iridescent color nuances for special optical effects. Contains Vitamin E for skin care, which stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism.

  250 INR for 4 gm. (Awesomely low price, so that you try as many colours without any guilt)

Availability : Only Kryolan stores in select cities.

Kryolan Pearl Lipsticks

On the outside:
Kryolan lipsticks come in a greyish silver plastic case, which is quite sturdy. At the base of the case, the lipstick number is given, although I would have loved a name. Finding out the right shade by remembering the number is a quite a tough job. Apart from this, the pack also mentions date of manufacture and expiry date, which is good for ensuring you don’t end up using an expired product.

Kryolan Pearl Lipstick LP695 swatch and LOTD

On the inside:
LP-695 is a lovely bronzey brick toned color. It would suit almost every skintone, although dusky skinned girls will rock it best. It has a creamy texture with tiny particles of golden glitter, which gives this shade a subtle metallic tone. You can wear this shade for an evening out or a party. One swipe can give the true color. Pigmentation is quite good too. The lipstick stays for 3-4 hours with snacks or drink, after which it fades off evenly. But if you have dry lips, then its good to apply lip balm and moisturize the lips first or else it will highlight the fine lines on lips.
LP - 614 is a deep coral shade with strong orange undertones. It’s simply perfect for summers and this one too has good pigmentation. This too can be apt for all skin tones, although fairer girls will be more than happy in this one.
Both these lipsticks have strong waxy smell which does not last too long. Often LP 614 is used by me as a daytime blush too as it has very light texture.

Kryolan Pearl Lipstick LP614 swatch and LOTD

Thumbs up for :
-       Super creamy texture, awesome for dry lips.
-       Awesome pigmentation.
-       Affordable, doesn’t burn hole in your pocket.
-       A array of shades.
-       All details including expiry date mentioned on the pack.

 Thumbs down for :
-       Transfers a lot on everything.
-       Waxy smell which can make sensitive noses cringe.
-       Available only on Kryolan stores which are not everywhere.

PEL Shouts : WOW Maggie, what lip swatches. I simply loved the colour LP614, although I would loved a name for it like coral flush or something. Still, at the price they are and the quality they have, I believe this small thing can be forgiven :-) Lovely review. 

PEL Rating : 
4.2 out of 5

Have you tried the Kryolan Pearl Lipsticks ? Which is your favourite shade? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. These are very well pigmented. Beautiful and so affordable :) Your lip swatches are oh la la ;)

  2. Very nice post :) Love the shade LP- 614 <3

  3. Lovely shades...I agree with the availability issue

  4. Tejinder Kaur2 May 2014 at 20:58

    such a lovely shades...Pretty swatches....
    Thanks for the wishes tarry <3<3


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