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Hello My Lovelies

How are you guys doing? So the scorching summers have arrived and its time when words like ‘moisturing’, ‘hydrating’, ‘moisture retention’, ‘revitalisation’ catch our fancy. The sun, the air, the breeze…. Everything leaves us super dry.
I have dry hair which is extremely wavy and frizzy. If I wash them and let them dry naturally, I end up having dull looking Maggie noodles in my hair J

Summers are not forgiving to my hair either. No shampoos or conditioners can actually help them. But I have finally found a go-to simple hair mask that just uses two ingredients. And best is that it suits all hair types and completely revitalizes the hair.
Presenting to you my dearies… the Aloe and curd hair mask.

-       Aloe vera plant leaves (2 for medium length hair, 5 for long below the waist ones). I have three aloe plants at home so I just take it from there. But I have seen some shops selling aloe leaves packed in polythene like bags.

-       Curd (half a bowl or 7 to 8 table spoons for medium length hair, can be be increased like wise), which has been kept in fridge for that extra cooling effect.

Method :
-       Wash the aloe leaves well. Then, cut the sides which have thorn like structures and keep it separately.

-       Cut the leaves into small pieces. I cut them into triangles because they look really cute that ways J

-       Take curd in a blender and add the cut aloe leaves to it.
-       Finely blend the aloe and curd in the blender till a runny paste is formed.

-       Apply this paste on to your scalp, roots and along the length of your hair.
-       Wear a shower cap or a polybag to ensure it doesn’t run through.
-       After 45 minutes, wash you hair with a mild shampoo.

Those who have extremely dry or curly hair can add a table spoon of honey to the mixture.

While the aloe which is high on water content replenishes the lost moisture from the hair and makes them silkier and bouncier, the curd adds that much needed protein and smoothens the hair, thus imparting an awesome shine. I tried it thrice so far and the effect is simple awesome. Those with oily or normal hair can skip a conditioner, and those with dry hair can follow up with a mild conditioner or detangler.

Not only this mixture can be used on the hair, but you can add multani mitti to the remaining and apply it on you skin to take care of the tan. This works slowly, but steadily to ensure that the hair stays in great condition in summers.
Hope you all loved this D-I-Y. Do try it in summers and tell me how you liked it. Am really waiting for your responses.

Have you tried the Aloe Revitalising Hair Mask ? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. awesome diy...would love to try..need to find aloe vera leaves...

    my recent one :Mac Cream Colour Base Improper Copper !!!

  2. That is an awesome DIY Tarry.. Thanks fr letting us know :)


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