Wedding seasons 2 - The baraat day OOTD and makeup

Hey my beauties.... 

Thanks for showing me so much love on the first wedding FOTD. I felt really special and all the love you guys showered on me was so awesome.... 

<3 <3 <3 I just can't thank all of you enough...

Indian weddings are indeed fantastic. They can give you so many opportunities to dress up :-) So when I got a chance to attend a wedding in the family with two functions where I could really deck up, was I leaving that opportunity?

 No way :-)

Btw, this wedding was a good learning lesson for the blogger me... I am a girl who can dance to any song for hours and hours... Delhi's punjabiyat has surely found a way in my genes... So when I am dancing, I hardly find any time for anything else. 

So lesson no. 1 was that I should first click makeup pics because after 4 to 5 hours of dancing, the makeup doesn't look as fresh as it was... Noted :-) 

Lesson no. 2 is to carry a tripod and camera or find a place where you keep your camera stable. Because you may take awesome snaps of people, but that may not happen with you. While your selfies would be great, those taken by friends or family may turn out dud :-( Noted too... 

So I hope you guys understand that i could not manage much pix. But unlike the tilak ceremony where I did not have the outfit pix, here atleast I have one complete outfit pic.... Phew! Some relief... 

While for the tilak I had opted for westerns, i decided to opt for Indian for the main wedding. My mom made me wear my lovely deep purple benarasi silk saree (it had been lying unworn in my wardrobe since last 4 years because I found it too dark... :-) This time I agreed to it because radiant orchid is the colour of the year and it was similar... :-) Here is a pic of me in the saree... 

The original colour is a little more purple... And please, if you think I wear a saree like "teacher ji", you are quite right :-)... because this is the only way I can handle such heavy sarees and even dance to my heart's content... :-)

The saree has beautiful dull gold and silver zaree work on the border and pallu and small booties all over...

This pic by my niece shows the real colour. Also, one can see the embroidery more closely. It is one of my prized possesions... Btw, can you notice my other nephew sleeping on my shoulder ? The little kid got tired after so much dancing :-)

Since the saree was too bright, I decided to keep the accessories simple. So it was some metal bangles with silver kadas in both hands, and a simple diamond set with small chandelier earrings and a beautiful knotted chain with pendant. Since my super wavy hair were behaving well that day, I decided to just do a half updo with some volume on the top. 
I took the pix of makeup after I came back home for a nap after 5 and half hours. Still, atleast I can show you some of it. 

That's my eye makeup. First attempt at such heavy duty stuff. I used Revlon Concealor as a base, then applied a beautiful Purple from Lakme's Tanjore Rush palette. 

I then applied MAC pigment in tan and blended it to give a slight bronzed look. I used the rimmel scandeleyes in bullet beige to highlight my brow bone. Created a winged look with Inglot AMC gel liner in 77 and then, used Lakme eyeconic kajal on the tightline and water line. 

Here, thanks to some awesome people like Niesha, Sugandha, Agnirupa, Jyo and Dr Neeraj Navare for some great suggestions and products. Thank You so much Guys! <3 

And that's my complete makeup. Have eaten the lipstick to a large extent. This was Maybelline lip polish in Glam 6, but the evidence of the awesome colour is still there. On my face, used Maybelline dream matte mousse as base, Rimmel stay matte powder to lock it off and a lovely colorbar pink blush on the cheeks. 

For my blushing cheeks, would love to thank my sweetheart and LOTD queen, Lishii.... she is really sweet and gave me an awesome blush... My first ever pink... <3 Love you Lishhiii... <3

That's all guys! Hope you like my very first attempt. I am sure I would take better pix next time... Do share your comments and suggestions for me... I love them and am eagerly waiting for them... 


  1. I like ur hairstyle so much :)
    Lovely sari u look pretty!

  2. Tarannum Manjul3 March 2014 at 18:25

    thanks for your lovely words dear.... :)

  3. Aww you look so pretty dear!! :) I loved the last pic and eyeliner application. you are really very beautiful! <3

  4. you look beautiful Tarry... and your eyes are.... mashallah!!!


  5. Tarannum Manjul3 March 2014 at 18:47

    Oh Thanks Niesha... you are just being too generous with your compliments dear.... Nothing beats you beautiful eyes... truly mesmerising.... :)

  6. Tarannum Manjul3 March 2014 at 18:48

    Thanks Dips....
    You are so pretty too.... And had I seen ur stuff before the wedding, I would have ordered loads :) Still, my list is done... :)

  7. Simply adorable!! I love silk and your eyes are so pretty!! You look amazing love <3

  8. Tarannum Manjul4 March 2014 at 10:56

    Thanks Charu... the day started beautifully now with your awesome compliments...

  9. Lovely Saree! And you have such beautiful eyes...The entire look is simply beautiful :)

  10. You look Pretty as always Babe :) Loved your eye makeup <3

  11. u look pretty...that color of saree looks pretty on u!

  12. Jas@AMakeupDiary9 March 2014 at 19:29

    Love your look! And I like the saree you are wearing and also how u are wearing it ;)

  13. Tarannum Manjul10 March 2014 at 12:00

    Thanks Richa.... coming from you dear, it means a lot to me... :)

  14. Tarannum Manjul10 March 2014 at 12:00

    thanks Vips! WIsh I had hair like urs :)

  15. Tarannum Manjul10 March 2014 at 12:00

    thanks Rachna.... I used to find this colour too bright ... but not anymore :)

  16. Tarannum Manjul10 March 2014 at 12:01

    Thanks Jas.... you are a sweetheart :)


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