Random chitchat ... and Giveaway update

Hey All,

Am really so sorry for being so very MIA... but what to do girls! March happens to be a really busy month professionally. So lot of things end up taking a back seat...

You know, at times one really wants to cut off and unwind. I have been wanting to take a break and hit Delhi for so long (perhaps the Delhite in me is still alive), but something or the other keeps stopping me. Anyways, would surely hit Delhi ki mitti soon and meet all my new friends too…. Lishhii, Shalini, Bharti, Ritu, Apurva, Komal … you are on my hit list girls ;-)

Mehrauli, one of my favourite places in delhi.... pic taken from wikimedia commons. 

Not many of you may know, but I was a journalist by profession before taking the corporate plunge… And writing has always been a favourite for me. So amidst this entire busy schedule, I did find some time to write my first ever piece in hindi on the other blog. I have initiated a series on it in English, where I write about people whom I have met during my journalistic career…
Here is a link to it..

I also plan to devote more time to taking pics for the blog. Girls, I am a trained photographer with a few awards in my kitty and also, possess the baap DSLR of Canon… but nothing of this has reflected on the blog so far. I am trying to use these skills more… J

Btw, PEL has been neglected for a while now, but this week would surely be more promising. Firstly, I have two reviews of my favourite nude lip colours lined up. I somehow really love the smokey eyes and pale lips kinda looks. Infact, so much has the love grown that I am almost wearing this look everywhere… <3

Up this week would also be some guest posts. On Tuesday, a dear friend will be featured on a travel post, which is not a regular travelogue but has a feminist bent of mind. Loved her piece to bits and am sure you all would also love it. Also, some other blogger friends will also be doing some awesome posts.. Hoping all comes out good.

Am planning loads of new features on the blog. I have been doing a lot of experimental D-I-Ys off late. Remember the lip pigmentation treatment one. Well, i just added a small drop of lavender essential oil in it and guess what? I wake up every morning with beautiful plumped lips. Infact, recently a friend commented "have you got a lip job done? Your pout looks so smooth and much prettier..." Will be updating it more soon. Guess I will forever stick to this treatment now. Also tried some new hair D-I-Ys which would be sharing soon. 

Btw, have also started the first giveaway where with a little creativity, you can win awesome handcrafted jewellery by Gotta Go Gorgeous. I have extended the time of the giveaway and it would now end on May 3, with results to be announced on May 10. Here is a link to it.

So those who still haven’t participated, go ahead, and those who have, there is no limit to number of entries. The more you try, the more chances you have for the win.

Hope am able to get more regular from this week… Till then, keep sharing your love and keep supporting me and PEL…

Ciao… <3 <3 <3 


  1. u shud come to mumbai too some day.. ohh so we hv a photographer in the house, , wud love to see ur work :)

  2. Tarannum Manjul2 April 2014 at 16:49

    Nats, my mumbai visit is long due. Infact, my bestie stays there and she is after my life... Will surely visit ya when i come down.
    thanks dear... will start using those skills soon... thanks


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