PEL's FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY ..... Awesome statement jewellery to be won

Yoooo Hooo... 

I am so happy.... I can sing and I can dance today.... 

It's been some six off months since PEL was born.... a topsy turvy journey, where I explored new avenues of blogging. 

From just a beauty blog to a lifestyle blog that celebrates women, Panchtatva or PEL as I love to call it, has taken a significant journey. And all my lovely friends (I don't wanna use word fan here because I know I have made friends here) have been so very supportive of my little baby here... 

So to celebrate all happiness, here I am announcing the first ever Giveaway on PEL.... YEAH!!!! The first but certainly not the last one for sure.... I was quite confused what I should have for the giveaway. I had collaborated with two e-commerce sites but somehow, those were not exciting enough to celebrate the happiness and cheer of the first giveaway. 

Finally, while doing the series "O Womaniya", I came across the beautiful handcrafted jewellery made by even more beautiful Dipti Chavan. Believe me guys, she is as lovely as her handcrafted creations. So we decided to collaborate for an awesome Giveaway. 

And finally here is the first ever giveaway by PEL.... YEAH!

PEL 'Celebrating Spring' Giveaway 
in association with Gotta Go Gorgeous 

The rules are quite simple and yet creative. 

First, check these pix of some awesomely pretty neckpieces from Gotta Go Gorgeous 

PEL - G3 - Exhibit 1

PEL- G3 - "Exhibit 2"

PEL - G3 - "Exhibit 3"

PEL - G3 - "Exhibit 4"

Am sure all of you must have loved them.... Now here are the simple rules .. The giveaway is open to Indian residents only : 

1. Like PEL on facebook  and leave a hi :) :

2. Like Gotta Go Gorgeous on facebook  :

3. Subscribe to PEL blog (subscription link on the right hand bar) 

4. Follow PEL updates on G+ leave a hi :)

5. Share this giveaway on your facebook and G+ pages and tag PEL .... 

6 a. Now, the final rule .... Give interesting and creative names for all these exhibits or any two exhibits above (naming all the four may get you extra points...) 

6b : Comment on the blog post below, stating your name, your email id, saying done all if you have done all of the above set and then, let your creative juices flow and give names ... i.e. name : ABC... email : DEF done all... Exhibit 1 : XYZ  Exhibit 2 : GHX and so on... 

(You can find all these options on the main page of the blog as a rafflecopter tool. So use that one... )

There are three winners to the Giveaway, which would be chosen by G3 and PEL voting... 

First prize : the eye popping Exhibit 1 & elegant Exhibit 2 :)
Second Prize : The beautiful Exhibit 3 
Third Prize : The lovely Exhibit 4. 

The giveaway runs from from March 13 to May 3. Winners would be announced on May 10... 

There is no restriction on the number of entries... the more you let the creativity out, the more chances you have of winning... 

So don't wait... put on your thinking cap and get going girls... Coz this time, PEL is surely going you make you even more gorgeous... :-) 


  1. That is a lovely giveaway.. congrats on 6 months completion.. beauty blogging is no joke so much harwork bt fun too as u get to explore ur own creative self.. :-) Great going

  2. Congrats dear :)

  3. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters16 March 2014 at 20:25

    Awesomm giveaway dear... I love Gotta Go Gorgeous jewels.. Dipti does an amazing job!
    Done .. :D

    name : Poonam
    Email :
    Exhibit 1 : Magnanimous Pearls
    Exhibit 2 : Golden Era

  4. Done:)

    FB Name: Bhavani Sekar

    Google+ Name: Bhavani sekar

    Google+ Shared Link:

    Email ID:

    Exhibit 1 : Colorful Pearls
    Exhibit 2 : Stylish Gorgeous Gold
    Exhibit 3: Crazy Go Pearls
    Exhibit 4: Unique leaf :)

    Fb shared link:

  5. Name : Jaya Ahuja
    Email Id:
    Done all
    Exhibit 1 : Whigreblu Pearl Necklace
    Exhibit 2 : Golden Statement Necklace
    Exhibit 3 : Pastel Pearl Cluster Necklace
    Exhibit 4 : Golden Leaves Pearl Necklace

  6. Shilpa Bindlish31 March 2014 at 16:17

    FB Name:

    Google+ Name: Shilpa Bindlish

    FB Shared Link:

    Email ID:

    Exhibit 1 : Hues of Happiness Necklace
    Exhibit 2 : All That Glitters Necklace
    Exhibit 3: Droplets of Life Necklace
    Exhibit 4: Spring in Heavens Necklace

  7. FB name:
    G+ name: pooja dudeja
    FB shared link :
    Email ID:
    Exhibit1: colorful love Necklace
    Exhibit2: sun rays Necklace
    Exhibit3: blue ocean necklace
    Exhibit4: golden party Neclace

  8. FB Name: Bidisha Sinha

    Google+ Name: mermaid bidisha

    FB Shared Link:

    Email ID:

    Exhibit 1 : Delighted Glimmers Necklace
    Exhibit 2 : Golden Desire Necklace
    Exhibit 3: Turquoise Ecstasy Necklace
    Exhibit 4: Leafy Carves Necklace

  9. facebook profile link :

  10. Jhilmil D Saha2 April 2014 at 15:38

    FB Name: Jhilmil D Saha

    Google+ Name: Jhilmil D Saha

    FB link:

    Email id:

    Twiiter link:

    1st Exhibit: Aquamarine Droplets
    2nd Exhibit: Chain-me-Gold
    3rd Exhibit: Pearls & Blues
    4th Exhibit: Goldileaves

  11. Awesome giveaway :)

    FB Name: Ramya Rao

    Google+ Name: Ramya J

    FB Shared Link:

    Google Shared Link :

    Email ID:

    Exhibit 1 : Elegant Neck Piece
    Exhibit 2 : Youth Icon

  12. nicee giveaway//// done all steps'- '
    fb name : sush arora
    twitter name : susharora1960
    gmail id :
    shared via fb twitter, google id,pinterest , instagram/ :)

    wish to win.. fingrs crrosd :) ^_^

  13. Aprajita Trivedi3 April 2014 at 22:11

    thank u so much 4 this lovely giveway .
    followed all the steps .
    FB name : Aprajita Trivedi
    Twitter handle: @guriya83
    mail id:

  14. Nice giveaway !! #bsp

  15. Nice Giveaway dear :)

  16. nice giveaway

  17. Priyanjana Roy4 April 2014 at 23:11

    BEAUTIFUL necklace the second and last one!!!

  18. Priyanjana Roy4 April 2014 at 23:18

    Email id :-

    the names are
    1.Vibrant summer
    3.Sea of turquoise
    4.The metal leaves

  19. Nice giveaway!

  20. thank u so much for this lovely giveway .
    followed all the steps .
    FB name : punam gupta
    Twitter handle: @_punamgupta

    the names are

    1.Pearl Droplets
    2.The Golden Beauty
    3. Sparkling turqoise streak
    4. An Evening Desire

  21. anubhooti khanna6 April 2014 at 13:13

    all the best for your giveaway dear!

  22. Style Those Nails6 April 2014 at 13:52

    Nice giveaway will think names n come back ^_^

  23. great!! nice giveaway items #bsp

  24. Name: Divya Asha
    Email id:
    Done all
    Exhibit 1: Green dream necklace
    Exhibit 2: The Golden Chamber necklace
    Exhibit 3: Pearly poppy necklace
    Exhibit 4: Vintage leafy dreams necklace

  25. Nmae: MONIKA VERMA
    Done all
    Exhibit 1: Diamond Drops

    Exhibit 2: Glad to Gold
    Exhibit 3: Pearl Deligh
    Exhibit 4: Golden Leaves

  26. Thank u for this lovely giveaway! :)

    Name: Shankari
    FB Name: Shankz Shwe (Shankari)
    Google+ Name: ShankzShwe Shankari
    Twiter Name: @shwethasays
    Email id:

    Exhibit 1: Island Beauty Necklace

    Exhibit 2: Hammered Gold Crescent Necklace

    Exhibit 3: Pearls In Sea Necklace

    Exhibit 4: Leaves Gone Gold Necklace

  27. Some more name options :)
    Exhibit 1: crystal droplets
    Exhibit 2 : tribal junction
    Exhibit 3: turquoise pinnacle
    Exhibit 4: Leafy affair

  28. First of all congrats and Awesome give-way :)
    Each of them are really pretty :)
    Name : Pankhuri vijay

    Fb: Pankhuri vijay
    G+ : Pankh Vij
    Twitter : @ xxpankhurixx
    email :
    Exhibit 1 : Charm caster Pearl affair
    Exhibit 2: Golden Galaxy
    Exhibit 3 :turquoise Crystal Candy
    Exhibit 4: Lusty Leaf

  29. Exhibit 1 : Curl the Pearl
    Exhibit 2: Touch of Gold
    Exhibit 3 : Mystic turquoise Myth
    Exhibit 4 : Rusty Love Delight

  30. Exhibit 1 : Color My world
    Exhibit 2 : Gold Dust
    Exhibit 3 : Style me Blue
    Exhibit 4 : Lady leaf

  31. Exhibit 1 : Twisted Beads Beauty

    Exhibit 2 : Rock The Gold

    Exhibit 3 : Pearl Fall

    Exhibit 4 : Gold Toned Leaves

  32. Exhibit 1 : Summer Pop

    Exhibit 2: Old is Gold

    Exhibit 3 : Pearl Princess

    Exhibit 4 : Raked Leaves

  33. name - omer bin ziyad
    email -

    exhibit 1 - lovely pops
    exhibit 2 - stylish gold
    exhibit 3 - chainy pearls
    exhibit 4 - falling leaves

  34. exhibit 1 - Color Splash or pearls of Glow
    exhibit 2 - Golden dream bead
    exhibit 3 - Bold and beautiful ( Chained commitments)
    exhibit 4 - Bejeweled

  35. Wow! I'm so super excited to see ur first ever giveaway! u've been an amazing blogger, i read ur blogs & all of the reviews are super helpful to me! =) here are my answers :

    Name - Sanah Anjum

    Email id -

    Exhibit 1 - Enchanting sea jewels...

    Exhibit 2 - Rock My World!

    Exhibit 3 - Duchess of Pearls

    Exhibit 4 - Fragile Golden Leaves...

  36. FB Name: Sanah Anjum
    Google+ Name: Sanah Anjum
    Twitter Name: @EdILove12

    Twitter Shared Link :

    Google+ Shared Link :

  37. Exhibit 1 - Vintage pearls

    Exhibit 2 - Gold ever twist

    Exhibit 3 - An evening in paris

    Exhibit 4 - Lighter than the feather

  38. Exhibit 1 : Aquatic Charm / Ocean Charm

    Exhibit 2 : Dream Swing

    Exhibit 3 : Seagulls on Sea (As white as pearl flying over the blue diamond water)

    Exhibit 4 : Drooping Leaves / Hanging Leaves

  39. Exhibit 1 : Paradise Touch

    Exhibit 2 : Golden Glitz

    Exhibit 3 : Frozen Bubbles / Salty Sea / Shimmering Sea

    Exhibit 4 : Gilded Leaves


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