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Sorry for being MIA for nearly a week. So many things had taken over in both professional and personal life and blogging seems to have taken a back seat. So while I announced the first every giveaway, I barely could find time to promote it well. But girls, do participate coz its really simple and you can win awesome handcrafted jewellery.

So coming back, here is the fourth edition to ‘O Womaniya’. I am really enjoying this series as it is bringing out some interesting women who are doing a real good job. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and these women are doing it so efficiently. Do raise your hands for them <3 <3

Here is the fourth edition of ‘O Womaniya’
featuring the very pretty Deepika Gill and her pretty jewellery outfit,

Deepika Designs

 So here's all, from Deepika's pen ... 

This is the pretty lass Deepika... the girl behind Deepika Designs... a boho spirit herself :)

How did Deepika designs begin?
“I have always loved jewelry. I used to make a lot of beaded jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. Then, around the same time, there was a feature going on a blog, where you could sell your stuff. So, I sent the pictures of my jewelry and it did good on the first day itself. That's how Deepika Designs came into being.
It all started with a blog. That is probably the reason I love blogosphere.”

What was the first sale like?
“The feedback I received for the first sale was a very sweet mail and a very happy customer. She loved what she received and I loved the fact that the jewelry made her happy :)”

pic : Deepika Designs collection

What is the kind of collection being offered?
“The collection at Deepika Designs basically defines my personal style, which is very bohemian, ethnic yet modern. I've been experimenting with various styles and materials. I would never like to sell something which I would not wear myself. I put a bit of me into every piece I make.
I've recently started doing all earrings collections after receiving a lot of positive response for the earrings. The material I use is sourced from all the possible locations. I usually use glass beads, semi-precious beads, German silver and oxidized metals to craft the jewelry.
All the beaded jewelry is handcrafted by me at the little workshop at my home. Making jewelry makes me happy and I enjoy every bit of it :)
Apart from the regular collection, I also do custom jewelry, wherein I craft jewelry according to the client's requirements.New collections are launched monthly and sometimes, bi-monthly.”

pic : Deepika Designs collection

First milestone?
“First milestone was the first happy customer I think. I crafted jewelry, gifted it to my friends and wore it myself. But, I wasn't sure whether people will like it. When my first customer loved what she received. That is probably the day I decided that this is what I want to do and it's worth it all.”

Journey so far?
“I am still as overwhelmed as I was 3 years ago. Deepika Designs will turn 3 this June. It has been an amazing journey so far. I've learnt a lot of things all through this time. I love making people smile and that's exactly what I try to do through this venture.
I've been managing Deepika Designs with a full-time job of a Web Content Developer. I would not say it's easy, but, it's totally worth it :)
Business-wise, we are retailing through various online portals. We also retail through our own website, which is right now under renovation. We also provide pieces in bulk for resales at the local boutiques and salons. You can have a look at the latest collections at facebook. ”

pic : Deepika Designs collection

Plans for the future of Deepika Designs :)
“Deepika Designs is going to have all new website soon. That is what I am currently working on.
I also plan to bring in a lot more variety to the store. So, very soon you'll see variations in the designs :)
There are also some collaborations in the pipeline.
And Tarry, who has been a sweet customer herself, thanks a lot for the feature darling. I feel elated :)”

PEL SHOUTS : Deepika, I am totally in love with your collection. Infact, I have always loved your earrings a lot and for me, mine are a prized possession. Kudos for Deepika Designs' journey and am sure that it would have many more milestones. Btw, my new shopping list seems to be ready. I am hoping you get lots more baalis... :-) 

Guys, do check out Deepika designs on Facebook : 
Do mention you came via PEL. 

How did you like this new feature? Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature? Do write in the comments box below with your mail id or connect at panchtatva.essenceoflife@gmail.com... 


  1. Totally loved the outfit and the accessories :) Would love to check out deepika's designs :) Thanks for sharing hun <3 <3

  2. Nice to know abt deepika.. the earings look very nice :)

  3. Thanks a lot for the feature and the sweet words Tarry :). Love you loads :*

  4. I am happy you liked the earrings Natasha :). Do visit the facebook page to view more designs :)

  5. Glad you loved the stuff @BeautynBuzz :). Do checkout the page!

  6. Tarannum Manjul26 March 2014 at 17:50

    Am a big fan of ur stuff deepika becoz it brings out my inner boho . this article does not reflect my fan-ness and fondness at all dearie... Am just another crazy fan deepika... all the best to you

  7. I love her designs, thanks for introducing her here :)

  8. Awww.. Thanks a lot darling.... I am happy you love the stuff so much... people like you inspire me to what I do :)

  9. I am sooo happy you love the designs @Esha Gupta :)


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