DIY lip pigmentation treatment - how to, review and FOTD

Hola my lovelies... 

How have you all been doing? The weather is getting hotter now. And it is looking just the way weather around the colourful festival of Holi generally is. I have been on a skincare shopping spree, buying loads of stuff that would keep my skin and hair in place even after the 'jungli' holi I play..... :-) 

Those who are connected to me through Instagram know that I have been using a D-I-Y lip pigmentation treatment from the last 20 days. And although I was quite skeptical at trying it out in the first place, the results make me feel so happy that I have now made it a part of my regular routine. For those who aren't aware, I had very badly pigmented lips and that is one of the biggest reasons why I used to keep away from sheer and pink lipsticks... So Lishiii my dear, now you know why I am a pink virgin ;-)

One of my friend's uncle is an Ayurvedacharya and after seeing me completely bare faced one day (perils of meeting a friend bare faced on a lazy saturday evening), he gave me this recipe which is simple to make and even simpler to use. So after trying it out for some 20 days and getting an awesome colour on my lips now, I am sharing it with all of you... 

Here is the secret recipe my dear friends.... The wonder treatment for pigmented lips.  

Ingredients : 
1. Ripe Beetroot (yes, this we all know is the magical vegetable that stains so heavily) 

2. Glycerin (Ask for pure one, which is good to be applied on the skin. You get it easily at the chemist shop)

3. Honey (look for organic one, or else your regular one which you love :-)

4. A steel or glass plate, a plastic bottle, half a cup of boiling water and a steel or glass bowl. 

Steps : 
- Peel the beetroot and grate it finely. I preferred steel plate as it does not stain. Beets are insanely staining. Also, if you wish, you may wear gloves. But I preferred not to. 

- Now, add about two spoons of boiling water to the grated beet and keep it aside for 10 minutes. This will help in bringing out most of the juice of the beets. Now, squeezing it with your hands, extract the juice in a bowl. 

- Add about 20 drops of glycerin into the mixture. The glycerin should be mixed well. Use clean fingers to do this as the glycerin is heavy and settles in the base. 

- Add 15 drops of honey as well. This too would need to be mixed well. I forgot to take the pix of this one as I smeared honey on my fingers and was busy licking it off ;-) Btw, my nickname at home is Honey... :-)

- Let the mixture stand for 5 to 6 minutes and then, fill it in a bottle, preferably foodgrade plastic or glass. This mixture is enough to survive 20 to 25 days when kept in a refrigerator. And you don't need to freeze it.  

See, so simple and easy na ;-) Here is what each ingredient does. While beets not only mildly stain the lips, over a long run, they help in purifying the top skin layer and also, removing dead skin which is pigmented. All this is done very gently, sans any damage. 

The glycerin not only acts as a good moisturiser for dryness, but also as a natural preservative that keeps the product fresh for a long time. Honey, apart from being the best natural moisturiser, is also a mild bleach and anti-bacterial. Plus it makes this potion so tasty and lickable :-)

I have been applying it every night after mildly scrubbing my lips. I use clean fingers to dab it on my lips and keep it overnight. And then, in the morning, after brushing my teeth and mildly scrubbing again, i use it once more for 5 minutes and then, just wash it off. 

Here is an fotd. Completely bare face (spare my dry lips, didn't apply any lip balm to show the true colour of my lips now)

Yes girls... this is my no lipstick or lip colour lips. Completely natural. Infact, there are days now when I just swipe a lip balm and step out of my house and people do ask me the shade of my lipstick :-) 

I am sure all of you would have loved the results and now, I urge you all my lovely ladies to try this out religiously. Make it a part of your daily routine and see the slow but effective difference. 

Do you have pigmented lips? What is your secret recipe to counter them? Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :-)


  1. lovely Tarry :D will try it

  2. I should give it a try ..thanks for the quick tip :)

  3. Beautiful diy dear and i'm trying beetroot lately, its helpful :) xo

  4. Mayuri Dahibhate11 March 2014 at 00:01

    This is such an awesome DIY! Will surely try.. <3 thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. Tarannum Manjul11 March 2014 at 10:49

    thanks beeni... u shud try this love... on ur complexion, it will give u super sexy lips...

  6. Tarannum Manjul11 March 2014 at 10:49

    Thanks Appu.... do try it... I waited for a month to test it and then, when I was happy with the results I shared it here...

  7. Tarannum Manjul11 March 2014 at 10:50

    XOXOXO Gow! yeah it is the best...

  8. Tarannum Manjul11 March 2014 at 10:50

    Thanks Mayuri... Do try it for sure... its so easy peasy

  9. Wow this looks so good, I'm so trying it out as it will help lighten lips too, and you look flawless in the pic.

  10. Its really one of the most tempting DIY I ever saw :) .. Sounds Amazing - I'm giving it a shot soon ;)
    You look Beautiful in the FOTD <3

  11. You looking very pretty dear!
    This is an awesome DIY....Will definitely try...Thanks for sharing Hun :)

  12. I have slightly pigmented lips and I sometimes just rub beetroot on them, however I/'m super excited to try this DIY!!! Sounds very doable!! Thanks Tarry!

  13. wow..awesome diy

  14. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters12 March 2014 at 21:57

    Woow.. thats awesum DIY.. beetroot really helps with pigmentation.. will try it!! :)

  15. This sounds cool!! I will try it

  16. Style Those Nails12 March 2014 at 23:55

    Oh I neef to try this now ty

  17. That is an awesome DIY.. would try this once i get the beetroot.. Thanks fr sharing Tarry :D

  18. Oh ! Really thanks for sharing!

  19. OMG.. that's your natural lip color? Does this this stain the lips for good?? I need to do this! Thanks a lot! :) <3

  20. Aayushi Pankhuri27 March 2014 at 22:56

    Wow...Your lips seem so good without a lipstick and yes your skin is fab....just flawless....
    Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum

  21. Lisha@HeartBowsMakeup30 March 2014 at 13:45

    oh wow this is an absolute fabulous DIY! You have inspired me to try this Tarry! Will let u knw how this works out for me!

  22. Tarannum Manjul31 March 2014 at 16:05

    thanks aayushi... u shud try this

  23. Tarannum Manjul31 March 2014 at 16:05

    do try it tina..... its got awesome results...

  24. Tarannum Manjul31 March 2014 at 16:06

    thanks alll..... u have really made me feel so happy...

  25. Revathy HealthnBeauty1 April 2014 at 18:35

    i m definitely try this Tarry.... got pigmented upper lips :( adore ur natural lips... plump n pink..lucky u! :)

  26. wao tarnaum thats some awesome DIY!! will try it right away!!

  27. awesome.....loved this DIY too :) will try this super soon :)


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