O Womaniya : Gotta Go Gorgeous to be forever gorgeous...

Hey my lovelies.... 

Thanks so much for showing your love to the new series. I am not so frequent in blogging these days and there are tons of product reviews which are pending. But trust me guys, I am trying to finish backlog asap.. 

Last Wednesday, I started off with a new series... titled
'O Womaniya'.... 
but from this week, it will go live on Tuesdays. 
This series will be introducing such women, who, using social networking, are not just promoting handicrafts, handlooms, jewellery etc., but also becoming those small entrepreneurs whose initiatives are being appreciated. 

After your love on the first, here is the second edition on "O Womaniya" : 
an initiative by the beautiful Dipti Chavan, very aptly called 

'Gotta Go Gorgeous'. 

From Dipti's pen.... 

How did “Gotta Go Gorgeous” begin?

"Gotta Go Gorgeous was born out of my passion for designing jewellery & accessories. I believe that this was passed on to me by my mother. As a child, I have seen my mother making small simple pearl and beaded necklaces and somehow that always intrigued me but I never really explored it much until a few years ago." 

The beautiful Dipti Chavan.... 

"I was a big time fashion/imitation jewellery hoarder and would also make jewellery from the basic DIY Jewellery kits that my sister used to get for me from the USA. Since those kits are not easily available in the Indian markets I started searching for the raw material here and once I figured it out I started designing and making jewellery on my own. Although the idea of a Facebook store emerged much earlier, it was only after much thought and after having gathered all the resources that I decided to take the plunge… 

“Gotta Go Gorgeous – Jewellery & Accessories” e-store started off on 15th September, 2013 as a Facebook Page/Store dealing in handcrafted jewellery and gradually extending to non-handcrafted jewellery. Although the idea of a Facebook store was mine it is only because of my mother’s rock solid support that my dream was realised. Thanks to my wonderful mom for standing by me…." 

Dipti with her mother 

When the Facebook Page was launched…. 

"I was excited but very nervous as to how this venture would be received by people when there was no dearth of similar options available in the market. But I was taken by surprise when the Facebook page received its first 100 likes in less than 24 hours and the orders followed… That was really motivating… all thanks to my Facebook blogger friends for their love and support.... " 

What is the kind of collection being offered by Gotta Go Gorgeous...?

Handcrafted Collection: 

It mostly involves pearls, crystals, beads and ceramic jewellery. 

Beautiful leaf inspired statement neckpiece.

Some more pieces from the collection... 

The very in fashion statement neck pieces...

Non-Handcrafted Collection: 

Extending the collection further, the non-handcrafted collection was launched. This includes both Fashion and ethnic/traditional Jewellery. 

Another beautiful piece from the handcrafted collection

2 months later ….

“Gotta Go Gorgeous” was also launched on other marketplaces like Craftsvilla, Xarato, High5Store but the focus was still the Facebook store.

5 months down the line….

Taking a step further “Gotta Go Gorgeous – Jewellery & Accessories” will now be a fully functional website… an e-store…. “www.shop.gottagogorgeous.com”. The website will go live by the end of this week….. Yayyyyy!!!!!

Below are some of the most loved pieces from the Non-handcrafted Collection

Plans for the future 

Designing and bringing in more handcrafted collection, like fabric, wired and paper quilled jewellery. I also plan to bring in handcrafted jewellery designed by local artisans and women support groups or NGOs. There would be a separate section exclusively for this and the idea behind this is to give them a platform to exhibit their creations and to reach a wider audience. Although, still in the planning stage this is something I am really looking forward to. (If you know of any such support groups do let me know about it) 

Although with some stumbling blocks and obstacles the journey so far has been really wonderful and the future looks promising. J 

Every purchase from a customer brings a smile, but, it is when someone appreciates and purchases the handcrafted pieces… that is where the real joy and satisfaction lies…. :D

Lovely polki and Ramleela inspired earrings....

Thank you so much for taking out time and reading….
Looking forward to your love and support <3

Tarry... thank you so much for considering my venture and giving me this wonderful opportunity. <3 and hugs to you…

PEL SPEAKS : Loads of love and hugs to you Dipti and your mom is so inspiring ... :-)  All my lovelies, you must check out the awesome stuff which is available at Gotta Go Gorgeous becase each and every piece is truly gorgeous... Wishing Dipti all the best for this awesome initiative and hoping it grows much bigger in size in not years, but days to come... 

Like the stuff and want to shop? Connect to Gotta Go Gorgeous at 


Website URL - http://www.shop.gottagogorgeous.com (Website is slated to go live by the end of this week)

Email : gottagogorgeous@gmail.com

... Do mention you came through PEL.. :) 

How did you like this new feature? Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature? Do write in the comments box below with your mail id or connect at panchtatva.essenceoflife@gmail.com... 


  1. That's such a nice initiative sweetheart! Loved going through this! Beautiful pieces indeed! Dipti is so beautiful herself, her inner beauty and creativity is reflected in her work! Lovely! I am seriously in love with the leaf neckpiece :D

  2. Thanks a ton Tarry.. this is really encouraging and motivating.. Thanks for all the love and appreciation dear.. feels really great..loads of love and hugs to you <3

  3. Thanks so much Somdatta... thanks for your kind words... It means a lot to me.. <3

  4. I meant all I said. Sincerely! Love your work! I am sure you would go places! Wish you all the best, always <3

  5. I love her work… it shows how much love and attention to detail in her crafts… I am already making my list!

  6. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters25 February 2014 at 21:55

    I love ur creations dear.. <3 <3 u did a fab job and ur mom is really an inspiring source.. may god bless u with the best in the days to come.. excited for ur website launch.. :D :D..

  7. Thanks so so much Somdatta for your wishes .. it feels really great... <3

  8. Beenuuu... thankoooo darling... thanks for all the love...:* :*

  9. Thanks so much dear... you've always appreciated my work and encouraged me...love you hun <3

  10. thanks Poo.... you must surely check this collection. Love Dipti's dedication for this...

  11. Beeni my love... u toh wud rock in Dipti's collection... Me too am making my list for the same :)

  12. Hugs to you too Dips.... you have an amazing sense of design for jewellery and I am totally in awe of you

  13. thanks Somdatta... I love ur videos, specially the singing ones... Loved Monta Re...
    Do check out her collection

  14. Thanks so much Tarry for the appreciation and for your encouraging words... when someone appreciates from the heart it just gives you real joy and boosts your confidence... Thanks for this Tarry.... <3 you loads...

  15. thanks terry! You don't know how much that means to me! your sweet words just made my day! Of course, I would check out her collection! She is a hidden talent! Stay blessed! <3

  16. i love ur collection dipti..u r such a sweethrt..but sad i am not in India..nai tu sab khareed leti..lol..
    hugs <3...n yes lovely post @Tarannum Manjul :)

  17. Tej... love you hun... you are a sweetheart.. Thanks for all the love and support... I feel blessed.. <3 and hugss :*

  18. I love your creations dear. You did an amazing job and your mom is really an inspiring source for you. Nice blog dear! Keep it up <3

  19. All the pieces are lovely! the ramleela inspired earrings are so gorgeous!

  20. I love Dipti's work, she's such a gorgeous lady with amazing talent <3

  21. Love the pearl necklace and jumki's

  22. Thanks so much Rakshanda... so glad you like them.. <3

  23. Thanks so much..and ya the Ramleela earrings are in vogue these days... :)

  24. Thanks so much dear for your kind words... Means a lot to me <3

  25. Thanks so much Sony... <3

  26. All the best for ur venture Dippy.. i like ur own creations :D

  27. Lovely collection!!

  28. I really love her and her collection.. Hope the venture becomes successful which I ma sure it would .:)
    All the best dear!!

  29. Natasha.. thanks a ton dear... :D :D :D

  30. Thanks so much Esha... :D

  31. Thanks so much Niesha... thanks a ton for you wishes dear.. :D

  32. Anubhooti Khanna2 March 2014 at 14:35

    i loved your creations <3

  33. Love the necklaces

  34. Style Those Nails3 March 2014 at 11:29

    oh wow ........... congrats Dipti !! very nice post, I am so inspired !!


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