D-I-Y recipe for revitalising skin after a hectic wedding....

By Tarry

Hola my lovelies... 

So I am back... :-) Those of you are connected to me through facebook are aware that I was busy with a wedding in the family and that's why I was so missing in action on the blog. The hangover is still there and I am almost listening to the fun dance songs like 'Nagin' and 'Lakh 28 kudi da', on which I had a gala time dancing.

Hey! did I tell you all that I have become a sasu maa now :-) Well, it was the wedding of my nephew and hence, I have become a bua saas now. It took some time to register :-P But that didn't deter me from getting dressed up and also, having a gala time (and aching legs;-) with all the masti, hungama and hours of non-stop, non-drink dancing.... 

Now that I am finally back, I thought of sharing a D-I-Y recipe which I have used to revitalise my wedding tired skin. Late sleep, too much tiredness and makeup all the time can actually make your skin look dull. Am sure almost everyone who has attended the big fat north Indian wedding will agree to this. So even after you regulate your sleep cycle and have a healthy routine back, you need that something that can revive your skin in a go. And this tried-and-tested recipe needs only two simple ingredients :-) 

Ingredient 1 : 
1 full orange (In off season, one can use one full lemon as well, although lemon juice stings a bit and is a big no-no for sensitive skin)
Take juice of the orange or lemon by squeezing it into a bowl (prefer glass or steel). 1 orange is enough for the entire face and neck. 
We will also use the peel of the orange in this pack. Use a grater to grate it into small specks. 

Ingredient 2 : 
Honey, slightly warmed. DO NOT WARM IT OVER DIRECT HEAT. Instead, put it in a bowl of hot water for a while. This will also thin it a bit and make it easily usable. 

Now our pack. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. It would be a slightly runny mix but then, it will thicken as you add the orange rind. Keep it for 5 minutes for the pack to settle a bit. Use this in the evening or night for optimum effects. Wash your face with a mild face wash and pat dry. Tie your hair back and wear an old tee. 

Using your fingers, apply the entire mix on your face and neck, leaving a small bit. Massage for two minutes on your face in circular motion and then, apply the leftover pack. Now you can either continue with your routine, or just lie down and keep cotton dipped in rose water on your eyes and stay this way for 20 min. 

After the desired time is over, splash a little water and once again, massage for 2 min. Now, wash off with normal water and after patting your face dry, spray rose water on your face. 

You will see a drastic difference on your skin, it will look more luminous and less tired. You can use this pack for an entire week on alternate days. 

How this works?
Orange is a good source of Vitamin C, which is a an essential vitamin for skin care. It not only helps in revitalizing, but also nourishing the skin. The rind also removes tan and adds glow. 
Honey is one of the best moisturiser and anti-oxidant. Massaging it helps in removing stress from the skin and also, aids in new cell generation. 

Do try this recipe friends. Am sure you would love the effects of this one. DO give me your feedback as to how you liked this recipe.... Am waiting :-) 


  1. sugandha choudhary12 February 2014 at 17:27

    I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. nice DIY...would love to try..

  3. sure do it sugandha... it's also good for those hectic days when you are too busy with work...

  4. thanks sweetie... love the glow the baby is bringing on you... loved ur v-day post

  5. lovely diy....orange peel definitely works great!


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