Preview of next week's posts... what do you want first :-)

By Tarry

Hey my dear lovelies....

Thanks to all of you for giving my blog so much love. I really mean it... it is very important for me :-)

Beginning this friday, I am starting a new feature where I would share pix of a few reviews for the forthcoming week. Do share with me what you want to see first. 

After your comments and compliments on my EOTDs and LOTDs, do stay tuned in for a lot more. 

So check out the pix below for an exciting preview for the week to come :

These are three lip colours I would be reviewing next week... a lovely nude gloss, a dark winter special colour (it is a dupe of a mac lipcolour) and a very beautiful fuchsia... 

but this isn't all. A beautiful brown is also on its way.... :-)

Liked it? which of these you want me to feature first? Do tell me in the comments box below. I would surely love to hear from you guys.... :-) 

Happy weekend :-)


  1. I want the light pink shade lipstick review first.

  2. yum yum yum..looking forward to the reviews! waiting for the gloss review first

  3. Those lip swatches <3 Hot :)
    .. Waiting Hun for the reviews :*

  4. That's hard to decide on which one i would want first! But if i have to choose, then definitely the lip gloss one! :)


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