Outfit of the day : Layering heavy in winters...

Hola Lovelies... 

How was your Christmas? I had a good and not-so-good time. I have been down with a very bad cold again and my whole face bloats up with that... A runny nose, headache at times... :(

Yet, me and my friend decided to sneak some time off from our schedules and go bird watching.... However, government apathy took over birds and we hardly managed to see any birds :( 

Not looking at this as an opportunity to spoil, while my friend got busy with his nature photography, I also pleaded him to take some outfit pix of mine. I was etching to do my first ever OOTD on my blog and here it is. Although wasn't too confident as I am looking damn fat because of all the super heavy layering I had to do (my cold wouldn't allow me to be my fashionable and was also having a bad hair day )... yet, I went ahead and took the plunge... :-) 

So here it my darlings... my first ever OOTD. Please be a lil kind to moi... 

Since it was really really cold, I had to add layers to my outfit. So I decided to chose just two colours for layering... Blue and Red. 

I am wearing a blue baggy sweater with a cherry red high neck sweater underneath. Below all this is also a thermal inner. 

For bottoms, I chose my favourite regular levis curve id jeans. Wasn't too much in a mood to dress up. But wore my new ankle length boots to keep my feet warm. I love the faux fur accents these boots have. Really warm and snuggly. 

For accessories, I just added a nice tribal design statement neckpiece and small earrings. 

It was a bad hair day for me so just decided to pull them back in a ponytail. For makeup, just my favourite Ponds BB cream, some champagne eye shadow to pop up my eyes, lipgloss and kohl. 

Outfit : 

Blue baggy sweater : Globus 
Red high neck pullover : Jealous 21 
Denims : Levi's
Boots : Bought online. 
Neckpiece and Earrings : Globus. 

Makeup : 
Face : Ponds BB Cream
Eyes : Clarins mono eyeshadow in champagne and Bourjois intense black kohl. 
Lips : Inglot lip crayon and MAC Creemsheen Deelight. 

Hope you all like my first ever OOTD. Your love would tell me whether I should be doing more of such ootds or not. 
Till we meet next, have a great time my munchkins... :-) 


  1. Above all, your smile is mesmerizing. :)

  2. lovely lovely lovely

  3. You look gorgeous darling....your shoes n bag are killer !!

  4. thanks dear... ur comments surely mean a lot to me

  5. thanks faheema....

  6. thanks charu... the bag is a gift from a very dear friend...

  7. u look super super pretty! so hot in the cold weather :D Send us some snow here ya!

  8. super pretty :D you should do more OOTDs :D

  9. You look lovely and have a beautiful skin! :)

  10. he he he .... thanks dear.... thank u so much ...

  11. thanks beeni... u know u r a darling....

  12. thanks niesh... imagine with a bloated face too my skin was still fine... thanks dear...

  13. You look very pretty Tarry... its nt cold in Mumbai this year.. we never get an opportunity to layer in terms of clothing.. nice OOTD.. keep posting more in future :)

  14. thanks Natty... I know Mumbai never gets that cold... Here toh it is quite chilly today... Love the north Indian winters...


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