Haul : My first ever buy from pigtails and ponys and how much I love it :)

Heylo to my loveliest lovelies.... 

Or should I say Ho Ho Ho my lovelies... 

Yes, it's christmas tomorrow. 

My most loved festival.... Somehow, the yuletide fever grips me from the beginning of December and stays on till late January. I am completely in my Christmas elements... even the font on my blog is red and looks so different today.... 

Today I am doing my first ever haul post on my blog. And no, this is nothing to do with makeup or clothes. Rather, this haul post in itself is so very kissmassy in it's genre :-) 

I have been following this online store called pigtailsandponys from quite a long time. They are beautifully dealing into handmade hair accessories made from fabric at really pocket friendly prices. I am in love with their collection and finally decided to get some. 

Currently, they have launched a very cute christmas collection which mostly has accessories in red and white. There are bow hair ties, hair bands with bows and pompoms, hair pins and even croc crips... and a special holiday edition of christmas hair wreaths. They also have a flat 30 per cent discount going on. 

So finally, I decided to place my first order with them. I ordered a cute bow hair tie and a red roses christmas wreath. My total order was Rs 400 including shipping and after discount, it came to just Rs 280 :-) 

I placed my order on December 20 and made online payment. It's completely safe and secure. And the delivery is quick too, because i got my parcel yesterday, i.e. December 23. Just three days... :-) I wanted them for Christmas and here they were :-)    

The package was firmly packed in a plastic bag, properly sealed. 

I really love it when such online craft initiatives put in efforts in packaging too. It shows that they are serious about business... :) 

Inside the plastic wrap was another brown paper wrap over a a real sturdy cardbox... I intend to reuse it for stacking stuff. Not only it is quite sturdy, but also, very very cute.  Check the pix. 

This is the brown wrap on the box. 

And this is the cute box in which my items came.... It's really very girlie and cute. The piggie face with a bow... and those eyelashes... even the Tomboy inside me loved it for a change... 

I love the golden bow on the box. Gives the whole box a very personalised feeling. 

And this is a pic of my items inside. 

Can you see the lovely polka dot bow? It's a hair tie. 

And the roses are the hair wreath. 

The hair wreath is really pretty. I am yet to try it out, but have seen the pics on the pigtailsandponys website. 

And this is how the bow looks on my hair. 

The bow on a side pony and the bun

Cute na ... :-) ^-^ I was never a polka dot lover but these ones are really cute.

Overall, I am simply in love with these hair accessories from pigtails and ponys. Stay tuned to PEL for a more detailed post on this lovely initiative and many more like this. 


  1. Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury24 December 2013 at 16:31

    That's s cuter... I like d box and pink bow hair tie.. :)

  2. he he he.... yeah sharmi.... It's really cute... btw, you should check out this online store for sure...

  3. Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury24 December 2013 at 16:43

    I have checked d store. It's a cute store

  4. oh my bows!!! I want that golden n pink bow!! Im coming to ur home to get these Tarry! And the rose wreath is gorgeous. Ordering it right away!

  5. Pink - Polka Dot - A Bow - Whats Else a Girl want ;) - Its Super Duper Cute <3
    Looks Adorable :)

  6. he he he ! thanks rachna... they are cute

  7. My Bow girl! This is just the place for you. Hit pigtailsandponys with a vengeance. They have all the bows for u

  8. thanks Vips. just trying to get the girlie cute side of me out...

  9. iamastrawberryqueen SS30 December 2013 at 23:39

    i envy you so much.. m a big time hair accessories lover.. and the stuff you got are super duper cute<3

  10. check us

  11. Check this page out !!


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