The Exotic Chai Party - A tea that refreshes and rejuvenates your senses

By Tarry

Oh my lovelies... How are you all doing? 

Well, I am down with flu today but somehow thought of sharing this post with you. As a part of the Exotic Chai Party series, I am getting to really enjoy some wonderful teas. And I am seriously not complaining at all. Infact, I am feeling like one of those regale tea tasters who enjoy their time savouring teas to find the perfect flavour :-)

I have had the chance to meet and interact with such tea tasters during my visits to Darjeeling and Kurseong. They are so lovely and the way they talk about teas is simply out-of-this-world. For them, this magic elixir is like their own blood in the veins... :-)

Anyways, so by now you know that I am getting crazier for tea now... so before I bore you to death, here is the fourth edition of the Exotic Chai Party.... Organic India Sweet lemon Tea. 

According to the brand : Lovely lemony flavors mixed with tasty Tulsi leaves and a touch of natural sweetness, with the added benefits of green tea and ginger, it's a taste experience too good to be true! What a miracle that something so healthy can taste so good!

Price : Rs 124 for 18 infusion bags. 

My Take : 

For all those Iced Tea lovers, this is Organic India's healthier and more tastier version. I tried this one both as a hot tea and as a Cold, Iced Tea as well. And I must admit, I enjoyed it more as an Iced Tea. I did add a bit of maple syrup in it to get some extra flavour, but even without it, it was simply superb as a Cold tea.   

I think for those who are looking for tea for winters only can skip it. For do stock it up for summers, as it will make a really refreshing tea for sure and in the evening, after you've slogged the day, it promises to refresh and really rejuvenate you. 

I tried to find a beauty tip in here. I tried using the leftover tea bags as infusion last rinse for hair, but they didn't do anything great. However, as a scrub for my oily skin, mixed with fullers earth, it did bring a glow and helped in controlling the oil. So this too works good as a scrub. 

Overall, I do like this tea for its benefits. But since it's better as a cold one, I will rather stock it for my summers ... :-)

# The series is sponsored by Organic India the brand behind over a dozen exotic organic teas. However, all views are unbiased as ever. 
Stay tuned to the series as a wonderful giveaway is scheduled at the end of the series. 
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  1. aha! that cup of tea looks inviting! :D

  2. Radha Krishnakumar29 November 2013 at 21:39

    Awesome post :)

  3. i love tea.. i drink 4 times a day....... :D
    m a chai lover :p

  4. he he he ... good natsy... u shud try these ones out too... and they are available at a discount for PEL readers...

  5. thanks Radha

  6. he he he ... it is Lishi...
    do try it... ask for discount as a PEL reader from these guys at the numbers given in the post..

  7. Hmmmm, tea! I want a cuppa now :p

  8. I am not fan of tea coffee, my pa is. 1st pic with flower is really good

  9. I love this tea. Its sweet without adding sugar. And so very refreshing.


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