The Exotic Chai Party - A tea that is also a makeup primer....

By Tarry 

Hi my lovelies.... 

I am sure that by the end of this series titled Exotic Chai Party, I will be much more glowing. Because I am enjoying some awesome teas not just internally, but for all my PEL friends, I am also trying them for their beauty and hair benefits. 

The third edition of this series is a tea which sounds and feels really exotic. It's the Tulsi Honey and Chamomile Tea. Now that's three exotic ingredients that always promise to do wonders for your entire skin, hair and health. 

Price : Rs 118 for 18 infusion box. 

According to the brand : Experience the soft, smooth flavor of chamomile blossoms, reminiscent of apples dribbled with amber honey. Accompanied by the depth of the Tulsi leaf trio, this is the perfect tea for a soothing restorative moment.Throughout India, Tulsi is considered "The Queen of Herbs" and is revered as a sacred plant infused with healing power. Traditionally grown in an earthen pot in every family home or garden, Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) makes a delicious and refreshing tea that possesses wonderful health benefits that support the body's natural immune system while relieving the body's negative reaction to stress. 

My Take : 

Now this is one of the tea which not many people would love. Because Chamomile has a very different kind of a taste. And since this tea has honey added in it, there is a light sweetness but not the kinds sugar would give. 

However, once you get a hang of it, you are sure to enjoy it. I liked it more as a chilled drink than hot infusion for the real indulgence. However, when tried as the last cup at night, it really made me feel calm and relaxed after a hectic day. I enjoyed this as a light infusion or else the chamomile taste overtakes the tulsi and honey. However, knowing its benefits for healing migranes in a long run and also helping in period cramps, I am sure I would be trying this more often. 

Now for the beauty tips. And this time, I found not just one, but two tips :-)

After my tea was done, I boiled four tea bags in about a cup of filtered water (yes, boiled and not infused). After a while when the water was just reduced to 3/4, I allowed it to cool down. I added about 25 ml of rose water (pure, not Gulabaari pls... :-( ) and then, after shaking it well, stored them in a spray bottle of old toner. This is my wonder toner. Am trying it everyday from the past one week and it is giving superb results. After a good scrub, it closes my pores and makes my skin glow. In the morning before make up, it makes my skin ready and my bb cream blends in more easily. Seems like a good primer ;-)

The second tip is for hair. Boil two tea bags in about two cups of water and then, use them as the last rinse on your hair. You can change the quantity according to the length of your hair. It not only brings an awesome shine in your hair, but also makes your lowlights and highlights look much brighter. I am loving this and almost rinsed my hair of this concoction twice. 

Overall, I do like this tea for its benefits. But those who don't like the taste of chamomile may not like this one. However, use it for the beauty benefits and am sure you would love this one.... :-)

# The series is sponsored by Organic India the brand behind over a dozen exotic organic teas. However, all views are unbiased as ever. 

Stay tuned to the series as a wonderful giveaway is scheduled at the end of the series. 
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  1. Your posts always so in formative and helpful. I dont really like drinking tea but i guess i better start soon :p

  2. welcome Lee...
    These ones are not your regular teas.... so why don't u start off with this only? Do check the special discount PEL readers are getting from the makers...

  3. Awesome post girl :) The first thing I need in the morning is Tea or Coffee :P

  4. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters19 November 2013 at 22:22

    Very informative.. I have the Tulsi version. will try it as a toner.. btw where did u get that pure rose water from??


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