The exotic chai party 2 - Tea that doubles up as a glow pack too... :)

By Tarry

Hey friends,

So after the first edition of the 'Exotic Chai Party', here I am with the second edition. I am really enjoying this series as it is giving me an opportunity to explore some really awesome and exotic teas. 

I remember the last time I went so crazy enjoying teas was when I went to Kurseong in Darjeeling and enjoyed some 40 odd flavours at a Chai Bar :-)

Interestingly, this time around I found a wonderful beauty use for my exotic teas. Keep reading for a wonderful tip that follows this post. In the second edition, say hello to the Tulsi Mulethi Tea by Organic India. 

Price : Rs 118 for a box of 18 infusion tea bags.

According to the brand : 
Relax and enjoy a fragrant, soothing cup of Tulsi Mulethi. Delicious Tulsi leaves blended with sweet Mulethi and a touch of tasty peppermint makes your teatime a pure pleasure, something you will look forward to again and again!

Reduces Stress, Boosts stamina, Helps you fight illness, cough & cold, Strengthens Immunity, Improves digestion & metabolism, Refreshing & Delicious
My Take : 

We all are aware of Mulethi's benefits for cough and cold. So I thought that onset of winters are just the perfect time to try this one out. My mom had a bad cold and cough and I asked her to try it out too. 

Talking about the Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea, it is a completely organic blend so you are assured of the quality. I dipped a tea bag in hot water for around three minutes and just added a bit of honey to make my cup. I have even tried adding a bit of sugar and it tastes great that way too, but I love honey :) For those who like heavy brews, you can keep the tea bag longer and cover the cup so that the infusion gets better. 

Now coming to the taste. The tulsi flavour is wonderfully complimented by a light sweetness of Mulethi and you can even skip adding any kind of sweetener if you don't like the sugary flavours. I also felt a slight minty feel, which makes it great for winters too. My mom said she enjoyed this a lot as it soothed her cold. 

The packaging is nice with minimal design and I love the tea bags. However, if one needs a heavy brew, it takes more time for the tea to brew which can be a con for some.  

Overall, I would surely recommend this flavour for the winters as it is not just exotic, but also healthy. 

Now, an awesome beauty tip which I tried. Mulethi is also known as licorice and we all have seen licorice present in creams and packs which claim skin brightening. So after brewing my tea, I cut open the tea bag and took out all the leaves in a bowl. I added a bit of honey to make the paste and applied it on my face after massaging it for 5 min. I kept it for 10 minutes, following which I used wet hands to massage it again for 3 min and washed off with warm water. 

The tulsi soothed my skin and was an awesome scrub removing dead skin, while the Mulethi simply did wonders. My skin was looking very dull but post this treatment, it was glowing as if I have just had a facial. Because of honey, I did not need any moisturiser (I have oily skin).  

See, simple na. I am surely stocking up Tulsi Mulethi tea.... With so many health and beauty benefits, I am sure you would love it to... Hai Na :)  

# The series is sponsored by Organic India the brand behind over a dozen exotic organic teas. However, all views are unbiased as ever. 

Stay tuned to the series as a wonderful giveaway is scheduled at the end of the series. 
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  1. Thats one amazing tip Tarz. Gonna try this one soon. :)

  2. Hey! Welcome to my blog Jyo...

    Do try this out... And u can order through phone as well. Just tell them you read this on my blog and they will give you an awesome discount...
    How did you like the blog???

  3. We get this here too- I really like it raat ko sone se pehle :)

  4. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters19 November 2013 at 15:51

    Thats such an awesum tip..!! I dont drink teas at all but if it has health benefts I mightstart up with it!! ;) I just havethe Organic India Green tea in my list!! :) :)

  5. Hey Poo

    You should. Infact, you can order them on phone or through email. There are numbers in the post as they are offering a special discount for PEL readers and subscribers.... Go ahead and enjoy dear

  6. I am a tea hoarder. Maybe I should take a pic of my kitchen cabinet that is full of tea bag boxes, it contains good 20-25 boxes of different tea bags, Atleast 3-4 of them from Organic India as well. Infact I always carry 7-8 different tea bags in my hand bag!

    I am sounding like such a freak, but i write this while sipping my masala tea! :D

  7. Ha Ha Ha !
    I can understand Adi....
    I love the masala chai the best, second comes the new lemon ginger tulsi flavour


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