Shraddha Kapoor "changes colour" with Wella

The very pretty Shraddha Kapoor

Ammonia-free permanent hair color is the latest vogue in hair color industry and people have started showing more affinity towards it as they consider it less damaging. A deep seated myth about hair color highlights ‘Ammonia free Hair color as damage-free, because it does not smell so strong’.

But the truth is, ammonia-free permanent hair colors replace ammonia with another - similar active ingredient which even though doesn’t smell, can be worse for your hair. Wella Professionals & Bollywood Diva, Shraddha Kapoor revolutionized, redefined and reinvented the mind sets of thousands of women recently by bursting the traditional myths surrounding hair color and educating them about the truth behind hair color.

At a recent event by Wella in Delhi, 'Aashiqui' fame actor Shraddha Kapoor got her hair colored with Wella Professionals and alongwith Maria Castan, Wella's Scientific Communication Expert, broke myths on Ammonia and hair colour.

Myth bursting facts about hair color by Shraddha Kapoor, Wella believer:

· Ammonia free hair color is not always damage free, if it’s not Ammonia then there has to be a substitute for it. You need to ask your colorist what is the substitute present in the hair color, how is it different from the other variant, what is the quantity of the substitute present?

· While getting your hair colored, the foul smell does not mean that chemicals are damaging your hair. The smell is basically an indication that Ammonia (a type of alkalizer), is evaporating after opening the hair cuticles to let the hair color go in. For instance, say something like a perfume; when it evaporates – you can sense a smell because it evaporates but it does not mean that perfume is damaging your skin

· Hair coloring does not cause graying of hair, the hair color fades on its own. Whereas the grey hair starts from roots, which is genetical & has nothing to do with hair color

· You should not be scared of getting your hair colored, it won’t result in hair fall. If you use good quality post hair color products, they will result in minimal damage & will make sure that your hair color lasts much longer

· When you color your hair, your hair needs also change; you cannot continue with your existing hair care products. If you want the hair color to last longer & reduce the hair damage, it is must to opt for specific hair color care products available in market.
·  Take that little extra effort to sit with your colorist & ask them what will suit your hair. Explain him your hair type & then ask for recommendations accordingly

One quick personal hair tip:
· On a bad hair day, you can put a broad smile on your face which in turn can drive attention to your smile & not hair (just the way I deal with my bad hair days)

Shraddha with Wella Expert Maria Castan. 

PEL Speaks : I simply love to colour my hair and am even thinking of going for a change this winters. Somehow, I was also thinking of opting for ammonia-free hair colour for the damage. But looking at Wella and the way they are promoting that ammonia-free is not damage-free, I am tempted to try this one too..... 

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  1. Great post girl :) I love hair colors but never tried my luck with them :(

  2. Thanks Vips...
    Do try out... I always love colouring my hair... Initially, try at the salon only..


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