Nuts and Dry Fruits - Nature's beauty capsules (Part 1)

By Maggie, co-editor

Hey all lovely ladies!

Winters have finally knocked at our doors. Who does not like this beautiful season, where the air smells so beautiful and lovely. And this is the season where we need to take good care of our skin, hair and health.

Itis true that our skin is reflection of inner health. For good health, it is important to include Dry Fruits in our daily diet, best in our breakfast. They can be added to shakes, oatmeals, porridge or corn flakes.

I have read a lot that movie stars and beautiful models make sure they get enough dry fruits in a day, so that they can maintain their weight and have beautiful healthy skin. Dry fruits contain proteins, fiber, folic acid, essential vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals and are a complete beauty dose.

So here I am sharing with you some dry fruits which are the beauty capsules of nature. When taken regularly, they can ensure a great skin, beautiful hair and good health although the year :)


Almonds are only dry fruits, which can be eaten all through the year. People often eat them after soaking them in water, but don’t throw its skin because its skin has anti oxidants, which helps you to protect your heart and blood artery. Almond has fat like others dry fruits but its 65% fat is mono saturated, which helps you to reduce bad cholesterol. Almonds contains Vitamin E And B Fiber and minerals, which are essential for good healthy skin and lustrous hair. They also have low carbohydrates and good source of calcium, making them favourite with women. They also have proteins at par with an egg has so are good for vegetarian. Most dietitians suggest eating one handful almonds daily for managing those hunger pangs and controlling weight.

Raisins are a good source of anti oxidants. Made from grapes, they are really good for skin and hair. They are full of iron and prevent premature greying of hair and also, itch in the scalp. For skin, they clear and purify blood resulting in a healthy glow and no-pimples. They also combat free radicals, thus delaying ageing. Daily use of raisins prevents constipation and is helpful in fighting diseases like Alziemars .

Walnuts are good for winters and one should include 5 or 6 walnuts in your daily breakfast routine. These lovely nuts contain fat and nutritious elements, that help to maintain the levels of Insulin in your body and helps in asthma. They also ensure that your hair is much healthier and shinier because of the nutrients present. The fatty acids make your skin smooth and youthful. Walnuts also help in controlling bad fat, so that there are less chances for heart disease for type two diabetic patients.

These are just a few nuts and I would discuss more in the second part of this post. Hope you liked it and will include these nuts in your diet.

PEL SPEAKS : WOW Maggie, that's an interesting info. I love munching nuts in winters and now, I can gorge a handful of them sans any guilt and just be happy that they are doing wonders for my skin and hair. 

Which is your favourite nut? How do you like to enjoy them? Do leave your comments on the post in the box below and make us happy. 


  1. Hi Maggie..I so agree with you..nuts are just great!

  2. i love walnuts and almond.. they are necessary bt if eaten in the right amount.. Lol :p ... nice article :)

  3. Great post girl :) I love Walnuts <3 & Raisins alot .. I have them every morning .. I even intake Almond but not a fan of it ;)


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