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By Tarry

Hey Guys!

How are you all doing? Sorry for being MIA for almost a week. First, it was the festival work that kept me busy and then, poor internet connectivity only added to it. Maggie too wasn't well and this all took a toll on our baby, PEL too. But now we both promise to be more regular.

So winters have officially arrived. There is chill in the air, the sun looks awesome and it's warmth just envelops you the best way. Just the time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with donuts, or a warm coffee topped with oodles of hazelnut and choco syrup and croissants...

Oops! did I just spoiled someone's diet plan ; - ) The mere mention of chocolate can make my heart go 'oooooooohhhhh' in any weather. And winters are no different. Infact, I think I can go 'all choc-choc' anytime of the year. However, I don't like the milky or silky variants. I love filled chocolates and dark chocolates and even wafer based chocolates and nut chocolates.... oh GOD!

Ok, cutting short on the chocolate saga. Nestle recently launched a new variant called 'Nestle Alpino' in India. Marketed as a premium chocolate, it comes in a pack of two and it promoted to be shared (WHO shares chocolates except good little kids??). So I had to try it out and here's what I felt about it.

Sorry guys! opened the pack and ate one before taking photo as I could not resist ; )

According to the brand : Two crunchy chocolaty bonbons with a delicious creamy mousse center, each wrapped with a message of love, ALPINO™ is designed and destined to be shared with your loved one.
NestlĂ© ALPINO™ To Love is to Share

Price : Rs 25 for two pieces. 
Nestle Alpino comes in a golden pack sealed at both ends, with a beautiful embossed design and chocolate on the wrapper. I loved the packing as it looks quite classy and matches all international standards. Although I am a Cadbury's fan, but Nestle does score good with packaging for this chocolate. Infact, it resembles the famous Ferro Rocher chocolates.  

You open it and a hard paper case in brown is seen inside, stocking two balls of chocolate wrapped in golden foil. Now, here is a trick. When you pick those balls, there are words 'You' and 'I' written on its base, going by the thought of sharing the chocolate. However, someone as greedy as me enjoys both. So you is for all you guys who are reading this review, and the I is for me... dearies... ;)

Once you remove the golden foil, out comes the lovely ball of chocolate which is crying out "Eat Me", "Savour Me", "Let me be inside you", "Let me melt your senses..." Ahm Ahm! Filled with creamy mousse, it is the right combination of chocolate, mousse, wafer..... all.... so just enjoy it as a whole for a few minutes, then let the mousse fill your mouth and then.... AHA!!

Now before you throw away that golden foil (I always keep them for making knick knacks), check the silver side of it. Inside it is a small but beautiful message hidden, printed on a piece of butter paper. Interestingly, almost each one of them have a different message. From funny to romantic, they are different in each piece. So it would be fun collecting them and sharing them with friends, alongwith the bonbons ofcourse ;)

I simply loved the Nestle Alpino and apart from dark chocolates, these ones seem to be high on my indulgence list for the moment. Although I need to watch my weight, yet won't mind sharing a piece or two. And if you are also planning to share your Alpino, I am always there dears... 

Have you tried the Nestle Alpino? What is your opinion about it? Which is your favourite chocolate?
DO share your views in the comments box below. We love to hear from your side. 


  1. Wow!!! As i read the line ""Let me melt your senses" i was actually Imagining it in my mouth! i am definitely trying this soon! :)

  2. This are my current favourites ;) I love those sweet messages :D
    Great review and you tempted me to have one right now <3

  3. He He He!
    Do try it out soon cosmochics.... It is really an indulgence. And winters are the time to indulge...

  4. thanks Vips!
    Am sure you must have tried out one by now... They are too good to be shared ;)

  5. hahaha.. chocolate lover... i too love chocolates bt aint mad after them.. :p
    havent tried these.. once in a while its ok to indulge in some sugary goodness.. :D

  6. nats! am mad about chocolates :)
    you can try these for those once in a while indulgences :)


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