The exotic chai party - Green Tea with a twist

By Tarry

Hey friends,

Winters are now just on the corner and it is just the perfect time to enjoy different types of teas. This is just the weather where you would love to hold that magical cup of tea to feel it's warmth in your hands and it's awesome flavour on your lips.... Oooh!! 

For all those who think that tea is the elixir of your life and you can go "Cha-Cha" at any given hour of the day, here is a new series titled "THE EXOTIC CHAI PARTY". I am myself a big tea and coffee addict and I can have tea and coffee at almost any hour :) They are like adrenaline for me, which make my blood rush in my veins. 

While on one hand I can enjoy those sips of tea in a kulhad (earthern cup) or a glass on a roadside tea stall, I can also enjoy the exotic teas in finest cups, sitting on a full moon night and sipping my nectar.... 

Before I go crazy on my love for tea and coffee, let me just start off with the series. In the "THE EXOTIC CHAI PARTY" today, say hello to the Tulsi Green Tea with Lemon and Ginger, by Organic India. 

Price : Rs 154 for a box of 18 tea bags.

According to the brand : Ideal for post lunch, post dinner relaxation  with a feeling of freshness. Tulsi green tea Lemon Ginger makes you feel calm, alert and energetic all the time.
Tulsi Green Lemon Ginger Tea, naturally sweet, naturally sugar-free and good for you. Reduces Stress, Boosts stamina, Helps you fight illness, cough & cold, Strengthens Immunity, Abundant in antioxidants, Improves digestion & metabolism. Caffeine Free!

My Take : 

Well I have become green tea addict ever since I realized its benefits for my hair, skin and weight. After brewing my tea, I often use the remaining leaves in the bag as a scrub and the results are just awesome. 

Talking about the Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger Tea, it is a completely organic blend so you are assured of the quality. I dipped a tea bag in hot water for around three minutes and just added a bit of honey to make my cup. I have even tried adding a bit of sugar and it tastes great that way too, but I love honey :) For those who like heavy brews, you can keep the tea bag longer and cover the cup so that the infusion gets better. 

One sip and you realise that this is green tea with a twist. The lemon and ginger twist makes this green tea perfect perk-me-up for those lazy mornings and you do feel all rejuvenated for that day ahead. And one cup in the evening, after you are tired for the day, can relieve you of stress and make you feel happy. Just the smell and you feel the calm take over you. 

The packaging is nice with minimal design and I love the tea bags. However, if one needs a heavy brew, it takes more time for the tea to brew which can be a con for some. The ginger flavour is more predominant and those who are looking for lemon flavour may need a strong brew. 

Overall, I would surely recommend this flavour for the winters as it is not just exotic, but also healthy (I have already stocked up mine :) 

PEL Speaks : Sorry guys could not take pix of this one as I was so lost in sipping it that I completely forgot and had to ask for pix. However, will post original pix further in the series. Stay tuned : ) 

# The series is sponsored by Organic India the brand behind over a dozen exotic organic teas. However, all views are unbiased as ever. 

Stay tuned to the series as a wonderful giveaway is scheduled at the end of the series. 
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