Song Video of the Day 3 - Mausam by Mehnaaz

Hey all, 

I am loving this song video of the day series. I and Maggie ended up discussing so many of our favorite songs and it ended up being a super fun conversation : ) 

Whether they are hindi, english, world music or Indi-pop, songs have always played a very significant part in my life. Infact, the dreamer side of me [I am a Gemini, so I do have two sides ;) ] has always loved music be it rock, jazz, blues or simply apna Bollywood. I have so many memories attached to one or another one that I can simply go on and go....

But finally putting an end to my blabbering, I present to you a song which was just perfect with today's weather.... Yes! we are having autumn rains this time... 
The song is "Mausam" by indipop singer Mehnaaz... A very popular singer in the 90's, her debut song Banoongi Main Miss India was an instant hit with almost every teenage girl. This song was a lesser famous one, but I love it for the feel of it. That dreamy, oh-so-romantic kinda feel, which simply melts you.... I enjoy listening to this song whenever it is raining and I am sitting by a window, sipping hot coffee! It has been my favorite since it hit the air... 

Ae dilruba, mere dil mein bas tu hi dole, 
har saans mein tu chalte hain haule haule...

Do enjoy the song friends... am sure almost all of you would love it... Coz it really ignites the romantic inside almost each of us... And do listen to it when it rains... it feels awesome.... : )

Do you have any memories attached to this song? Did this one make you travel back in time and feel all nostalgic? 
Do share this through your lovely comments : 

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