Song Video of the Day 2 - Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl

By Maggie, co-editor 

Heylos!! How are you pretty girls doing today? Am sure the festival season bug must be hitting you guys :)

I am liking the Song video of the day series which we have started on our blog. And after Tarry's day 1, I stole the day 2 from her. Because this one video takes me back to my teenage. And am sure it would take you back by some years too :)

My song video of the day is Peter Andre's "Mysterious Girl". Am sure almost each one of you must have seen this. I grew up watching MTV and Channel V. Some of my fav shows included MTV select by Nikhil Chinnappa and MTV Most Wanted by the super cute and bubbly Shenaz Treasurywala. I absolutely loved this show because of VJ Shehnaz, loved everything about her including her hairstyle and her super cute makeup. 

I remember me and my friends used to send her hand crafted letters with glitters and paint with some cool drawing, and ask her to play Peter Andre’s "Mysterious Girl" often ;). I absolutely loved Andre's HOTT six pack abs and the rapper (It was a lil difficult for me to understand the lyrics of rap). And specially that girl in a sexy girl for whom Andre sang. I must say she had an amazing body with OOMPH factor. No wonder Andre sang so smoothly for her :) 

Girl you are me heart's desire, And you alone a set me soul on fire... Me tell dem
Girl you are me heart's desire, And you alone... watch dis
Watching the sun go down, The tide is drifting in, We can get closer now
And feel the warmth within,cos i'm looking in your eyes....Feeling so alive

Play on and watch it. 

Do you have any memories attached to this song? Did this one make you travel back in time and feel all nostalgic? 
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  1. omg i still listen to this song.. loved it.. wud wait for it come on Mtv in my childhood .. life then was so simple & beautiful :)

  2. yeah natasha...I also feel life was simpler then :) thanks


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