TREASURE TROVE - Song video of the day 10 - I Just Can't Stop Loving You by Michael Jackson

By Tarry....

Aha! Finally, I complete 10 song videos.... I seriously am falling in love with this series.

Today's song video of the day is I Just Can't Stop Loving You by Michael Jackson. Oh I am a die hard MJ fan. While his moonwalk and dancing style was something which I always wanted to follow, some of his songs like the 'Way you make me feel', 'Thriller' and even 'Remember the time' are my all time favourites. 

But this one is a super duper favourite for me. This is one of the few romantic songs of MJ and somehow, it shows off his prowess as a superbly versatile singer. And the video is equally good. 

There is a sense of possessiveness in this song which I really like. The sense of belonging and then, admitting that whatever may happen 'I just can't stop loving you' :)  

You Know How I Feel, This Thing Can't Go Wrong
I Can't Live My Life, Without You
I Just Can't Hold On, I Feel We Belong
My Life Ain't Worth Living, If I Can't Be With You
I Just Can't Stop Loving You, I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And If I Stop . . . Then Tell Me Just What Will I Do

Do you have any memories attached to this song? Did this one make you travel back in time and feel all nostalgic? 

Do share this through your lovely comments  :-)


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