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By Tarry and Maggie... 

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The other day, me and Maggie were sitting together and discussing various products that we have actually grown up with and now, they aren't in the markets anymore. Somehow, both of us found that we have very fond memories with those products and the mention and thought of them brought a smile on our lips. 

We decided to do walk down the memory lane, go into nostalgia and dig for those memories of those products. So here is a list of some of those products which we can recall. Interestingly, some of them may be available internationally but they are no longer available in India. While we managed to scout for pix of some of them, most of them seem non-existent ;P

Here's a list : 

1. Lakme egg shampoo : Now this one goes back to the 80's. I remember I used to love the bottle which had a ball like cap on it. I used to collect the caps and then, make loads of stuff from them. There were different variants, but I think the egg one in deep yellow colour was the best selling. It said that it had conditioner and whenever my Mom could not make the amla shikakai mix, it was this shampoo we all used. 

2. Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo : This one was there both on mine and Maggie's list. Loved everything about these shampoos from Garnier. It was pronounced by many, including our neighbourhood grocery store wala as Ultra Ducks :) The wheatgerm one was I think the most famous one amongst the range. And when used together with its conditioner, it left the hair super soft and voluminous. 

3. Lakme Vanishing cream : Oh am sure most of those who were born in the eighties would remember this. The only cream for oily skinned people, that soaked up oil (vanishes oil ;) and left a matte finish on your skin. In my late teens, when my skin turned oily from dry, I used this one. Often in college, we used this as a makeup base before putting oodles of makeup for the plays ;)  I found this very old ad on the internet. See the tagline "Mukhmandal moti sa chamke" promising to bring a pearl like glow. 

4. Le Sancy soap in lavender : Before Dove was launched in India with a different shape, Hindustan Lever launched Le Sancy. It was a boat shaped soap with a lovely floral smell and the lavender variant had a lovely purple colour. However, the shape made it quite difficult to hold. The product failed to take off in India. 

5. Himani Gold Turmeric Cream : Apart from the Vicco turmeric, this one was also a popular turmeric cream. This one, modelled by Raveena Tandon, claimed to have real Gold. Infact, I remember it used to come with a free gel that sort of had real gold flakes in it and massaging it gave a wonderful glow to the face. I used to love the gel which came free as it really had a cooling effect on the skin. Miss this one too...

Hope you guys too go back in time with this post. How many of you have tried the above products? Or do you have a list of your own products which you miss? Do share your views and encourage us with your comments in the comments box below. 

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  1. i havent tried any of the product yet but would love to try garnier shampoo n soap in lavender...Great post...

  2. This is a very unique post.. some products bring back memories like Sonali Bendre's fem fairness bleach ad and the one u mentioned Le Sancy soap which was like a luxury soap in the 90's ... haha... memories refreshed!!!

  3. hey tej....

    both of them are not available anymore. But yes, you can try the soulflower soaps in Lavender. They smell awesome...

  4. yeh natty,
    trust me... I have had so much of love and hate kind of a relationship with cosmetics and beauty and hair care products, that I can continue to write such a post even more... Thanks girl! love ur blog too. Do subscribe and you wud get such stuff regularly.

  5. I am born in the eighties but strangely don't remember any of them!

    Lovely post! Had fun reading it!

  6. thanks Aditi ...

    maybe you were a lil kid then :)

  7. Lovely Post dear! I was born in the 80's but I dont remember any of these except for the garnier shampoos...Those were the ones I used mostly... :)

  8. AM sure u must have tried the shampoos too RIcha. I so very miss them.

  9. thanks Gowthami...
    love your blog and ur profile pic..


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