Priyanka Chopra to now keep "GUESSing..." :)

By Tarry

Wo !

After rubbing shoulders with international celebrities with her singing skills, apni Desi girl Priyanka Chopra has another brush with the international arena. 

International fashion label GUESS has roped her in to be the new face of the brand across the globe. Priyanka now joins the league of celebs like Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Smith and not to forget, Paris Hilton. 

That's a big leap and big recognition indeed. 

I personally don't like Priyanka Chopra much but somehow, there are three things that make me like this whole campaign.

Firstly, it recognises Indian beauty which has indeed made a mark across the globe. 

Secondly, Priyanka does look completely natural in these pix unlike her pictures where she is often seen trying to act like a diva. 

thirdly, The black and white pictures have been shot by none other than Grammy award winning singer Bryan Adams! Wow Bryan! first you floor us with your super sexy voice and hot looks.... and now, you turn out to be an awesome lensman as well... 

Yeppieeee Yoooooo.... ;) 

Priyanka with Bryan! He still looks soo..... oooh! 

I loved all these pix and am actually looking forward to see them. She looks like some old hollywood actress and somehow, looks very natural.... 

Loved it... <3

#pictures taken from the internet. 

How did you like the GUESS campaign pix with Priyanka? Do leave in your comments below. Would love to hear from you guys.... 


  1. I love Priyanka, and she is just touching the sky nowadays, the pics are awesome and lovely and clicked by Bryan Adams make them even more cool.

  2. What by Bryan Adams! Whoa!! She looks divine, but I wonder why she has got her hand in the same position near her face in almost all of them.

  3. She reminds me of Amy Winehouse for some reason. But oh well, in the name of India, she is doing great.

  4. Yeah Apurva.... Even I was thinking the same. I only liked these pictures because am madly in love with monochrome and also, because she looks a vintage classic in these...
    welcome to the blog... love ur blog too... do connect on fb as well...

  5. Yeah karishma...

    Well, she loves flaunting her tattoo which, i read somewhere, was written by her dad only... Beautiful gesture...

    welcome to the blog... love ur blog too... do connect on fb as well...

  6. Indeed arzoo...
    Good that there are more people apart from Aishwarya who are making global presence...

  7. Way to go Priyanka!!!!
    Thanks for the info i wasn't aware about this!
    Have a gd day:)

  8. Thanks for the info!! Priyanka look so gorgeous :) nice post :)

  9. Hey Shivi
    welcome to the blog... stay connected here...
    I have seen ur blog too... It's awesome..

  10. Hi Jyoti...

    thanks.. do subscribe and connect to our fb page too.. links on the blog.


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