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Hey Friends....

Finding a good hair stylist is always a big task for someone like me. My hair is quite wavy and very very frizzy. I managed as a child, when the only hairstyle I sported was either the 'boy-cut' or the famous 'diana cut' of Princess Diana :) 

But ever since I decided to keep my hair mid length, I have always found it to be a tedious exercise to actually get a good cut and find a good stylist. And cities like Delhi or Mumbai haven't also ended my search. So when I start searching for a stylist in Lucknow, it cannot be simpler in any way. 

I've been growing my hair from the past three months and was desperate for a hair cut. I had been asking some of my friends to suggest me some good place and then, I got an invite from this new salon here in Lucknow. One of my friends suggested my name to them and they have just opened up. 

So last weekend, me and Maggie decided to check out the place and also, have a haircut. The salon is called YUE which is short for Your Ultimate Experience. Interestingly, Yue also means moon in chinese (I think..)

YUE Salon
I was pretty impressed with the salon's owner Shefali Singh. Shefali herself has a vast experience in this industry having worked with some top names and the salon is her vision. Yue offers not just beauty and hair services, but also slimming and lifestyle. 

I loved their lovely entrance area. Me and Maggie were then taken to the hair zone, where my hair cut was to be done by their stylist. We loved the colours which have been used in Yue. From yellow to neon green and even bright fuschia, they simply make the entire place so positive and lively :) 

Yue's Hair zone

I was asked to sit and then, the stylist checked my hair. Since my ends were pretty damaged, despite being wavy they looked all flat. I quickly asked Maggie to take a pix of mine. 

See my flat hair before the cut. My ends also look bad : (
The stylist asked what I want. I said i wanted a bit more volume and also, a style that I can just finger comb. And he decided to give me a layered look which would look good even without an extensive use to blow dry.

This is the final look : )

I loved the fact that he did not let go of the length much, but instead just gave me nice layers which framed my face. 

The final look :)

Incidentally, me and Maggie wanted to click pictures while the cut was being done however, we got chit chatting and completely forgot... :) Yet, I found the experience to be quite nice and am sure I am gonna keep returning here. 

Yue is situated in Gomti Nagar in Lucknow right next to the Ambedkar memorial Park. It is easily accessible and services aren't very steep too. Infact, a good haircut can be something from Rs 500 upwards only. 

So all of you who have friends here, you can always suggest them this place. 

The address is 1/7 Vipul Khand, near Ambedkar Park crossing, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Ph : 0522-6566060


  1. really a good hair cut can make a hell of a difference.,,, looking cute ;)

  2. Beautiful look dear!

    110% Loving the look....

  3. Read it all, loved the final look on you, the stylist have completely changed you :) You looking superb uh..

  4. thanks natty!
    I agree it can!

  5. Thanks richa...

    love your blog...

  6. thanks arzoo...

    I loved the fact that he did not take away much of the length....


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