BEAUTY BOX - LAKME Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening face wash - swatch and review

By Maggie (Co-editor)

Hello my beautiful friends,

What is the first thing you use,which touches your face and pampers you at the start of the day? Any guesses???

Yups, you are right! It’s a face wash! The first beauty or skin care product, which most people start their day with. In ancient times, women and men used MULTANI MITTI or BESAN and other natural products to clean their skin. I must say there is no replacement of natural things, but they are time consuming and in today's rushed life, difficult as well.

But I seem to have found an answer to this. Today, I am reviewing the LAKME perfect radiance intense whitening face wash for daily salon fair look.

Price:- RS 165 for 100 grams and Rs 90 for 50 grams.

The product claim : “De-tanning with skin lighting vitamins give you fair looking skin. Extracts impurities from the deepest layers of your epidermis to give a polished an glowing look to your skin that you love.” Now I do not like the word fairness, but detanning ofcourse attracts me.

My beauty mantra is to keep changing products, so that your skin does not get used to any products and stop showing desirable results. And following this mantra, I bought this face wash from LAKME. Basically I love LAKME products for two main reasons. First, they are middle level good quality products which fit everyone's budget, and second reason may be awkward for you, but I read this somewhere that Lakme was the first original Indian beauty cosmetic company... 

This face wash is soap-based and contains Iodine (Iodine has great antiseptic power that will help you fight with germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi which are the enemies of a good skin)

Packaging:- The Face wash comes in smart looking white tube with a screw cap and is travel friendly packaging because face wash does not leak out from its tube.

The face wash is pink creamy texture, which easily lathers. One needs to take a small amount of it and apply on your wet face in circular motion for loosening surface dead skin cells. Rinse throughly with water and pat dry, following up with your favourite moisturiser. Oily skinned beauties can avoid the moisturiser. It has nice mild fragrance. And there you have - soft and glowing skin after every use.

It is a good product, as a cleanser and on regular use, tan remover.

But that's it. I feel that this is a good face wash for everyday use but don't think it will give magical results.

The swatch... I took out much more than required : p

Overall, it is a good facewash for daily use and since I love Lakme products, I would surely recommend it.

PEL speaks : hmmm, this looks like a good face wash Maggie. Love your review and I am tempted to try this out. Lakme is surely having a good range for both skincare and makeup. I remember washing my hair with Lakme egg shampoo as a kid. Am surely impressed.

Have you tried the Lakme face wash? Which is your favourite face wash? Do tell us in the comments box below.


  1. Nicely reviewed dear :) I liked it and would love to give it a try :) I use their cleansing milk from couple of months .. This one looks a good one too :)

  2. This one looks good for summer. I might give it a try then,
    Very well reviewed dear <3


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