Go bare for a day - Au naturale !

By Tarry 

Hola amigos ... (spare my spanish... I hardly remember it now) :)

It's been raining here since last night at regular intervals and I simply love the way the weather is changing from monsoon to fall. Everyday, when I come to my office, I am greeted by a wonderful showering of the yellow leaves on me. I feel so much in tune with the nature and this showering feels like nature is thanking me and accepting me to it's own world :) 

Philosophy aside, here's something which I wanted to share with you all. 

Have you ever gone complete Au naturale for a day? Meaning, no makeup, no skin care products etc and simply, just leaving your face bare? 

Well, if you think what am I talking about, this is a tip I learnt from a skin care expert after having suffered a bad bout of allergic acne. During an earlier jobs which entailed a lot of touring for me, I ended up having a very bad bout of acne. So much that my skin was almost breaking out into ugly pimples every second day. And apart from just simple treatments, this is the tip she gave me. 

Interestingly, this tip may not be well appreciated in India. But celebs across do it quite often and don't even shy away from talking about it and posting selfies of the same. 

BARE FACED PIC OF RIHANNA (pic courtsey blisstree.com)

So even I started doing the same. I chose Sunday as the day for the same as it is a holiday. I use all natural products and then, leave my skin bare till the evening and even till night if I don't have to go out.

My day starts with splashing cold water on my face. It really wakes me up. And then, before bath, I use a simple ubtan on my face and my body. I wash my face with slightly warm water and then, just spray rose water on it. 

That's it guys. This is all I do. In case my face is feeling dry, I massage it for about 6 to 7 minutes with honey and then, wash my face again and pat dry. 

BARE FACE EVA LONGORIA (pic courstey klukite.com) 

Trust me guys! It has helped my skin in a big way. My oily skin feels super smooth during the day and also, the acne marks have faded considerably. My derma said that the skin needs such au naturale days to repair itself naturally and using minimal or absolutely no products does help. 

Also, after all this when I apply the serum at night, my next morning glow is simply superb. The tired weekdays face is much relaxed and happier due to that 5 min massage and I look all happy and cheered up to face the week ahead. 

Till next 

Stay happy :)

Do you have any au naturale tips? Have you ever tried to go au naturale? Share with us. 
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  1. Great tip n nice post
    My recent one :

  2. Totally agree with you dear about going all natural. I do that a lot of time :) And yes, it does help the skin get better!

  3. yeah preeti...
    I have learnt it the hard way! but yes, it helps...

  4. sugandha choudhary3 October 2013 at 17:04

    As much as I want to go all natural my dark dark circles dont let me. I cant go out without covering them up. But yes when at home, I do pamper my skin with all things naturals, it does help

  5. Hey Sugandha...
    thanks for joining in.
    I can understand that with dark circles its difficult. But yes, natural things help in a long run.
    Btw, love your EOTDs. Do subscribe to us and like our fb page girl!


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