Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tag Post : My "perfect" imperfections

Tag Post : My "perfect" imperfections 

Hey Guys! 

This is my first ever tag post. And I am tagging the following blogger friends of mine : 

1. Fathema Abdulkader from Babble Queen Diaries

2. Beena aka my darling Bee from Beautyandeverythingelse

3. Sumasamyukta of isimplylovemakeup

4. Jyo from everythingthatmatters

5. Shweta from glamngloss

6. And the cute and rocking komal from delhifashionblogger

Ok.... So here I am, writing about my 'perfect' imperfections :) 

# I have a broad, very broad forehead. For those who have seen some of my pics, they know that it is so broad that even after having bangs, it is visible. 

# My nose is too broad, and is prominent on my face... But nevermind :) 

# I was and am always on the healthier side. Infact, I am square and broad frame :P So I can never be size zero... but yes, curvy indeed. 

# I have small hands and small feet, which makes it tough for me to get footwear at times. Infact, I always have a tough time buying sports shoes :(

# Even my torso is small. So when I wanna wear high waisted bottoms, they look way up ;) 

# I have a full mouth which looks so prominent when I apply dark lippies, but then, who doesn't love sexy pouts ;) 

# I have a accident mark on my nose which I never hide. Neither through photoshop nor through makeup. 

# I am medium dusky but never change the colour in my pix. 

# However hard I may try, I cannot resist sweets. Specially chocolate pastries, dark choco fudge and my all time favourite, pineapple pastry.

# I have a very bad temper, and I am often on loss because of it. 

# I tend to trust people easily, and even get hurt often. But I don't stop making friends. 

# I cannot resist watching Big B Movies over and over again ;) 

# I need to be pushed for exercise but once I start, I get into the groove. 

# I laugh too loud (And I don't mind it at all :)

These are just a few imperfections I can think at the moment... but will do the post again when I remember more :) 

till then, 

enjoy my dearies!

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  1. OMG- you & I are so similar... even I love being curvy & curvy girls too. stick thin is not for me. & I have a broad forehead too & with friends, same to same...