Mobile Safety Applications available in India for women - an overview

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The recent incidents of rape in cities like Delhi and Mumbai have definitely shaken the entire nation. If cities like Delhi and Mumbai are not safe for women, then how can we look at any other city across the country? While we are looking at the government, the police and the judicial system to make our nation a much safer place for women, even mobile application designer companies have decided to take a step forward.

Post the December ‘12 delhi rape case, a large number of mobile applications have come out that can be used for ensuring safety of our loved ones. In a time when android smartphones are ruling the market, these apps do provide an option to atleast raise an alert when we are in trouble.
Here is a brief description of some of these apps. Do choose one according to your phone’s operating software (OS).

  • FIGHTBACK : India’s first Mobile Application for Women Safety. FightBack application sends SOS alerts from your phone. It uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform the people connected to you, in case you are in danger. Available on iPhone, Android, Black Berry and Windows.

  • CIRCLE OF 6 : Designed mainly for school and college students. This app is also useful for any female who wants an easy-to-use system to alert friends when she’s in a threatening situation. It alerts 6 people whose numbers are connected in this app. The app is also available in Hindi and the Delhi women’s hotline number is built in.

  • B-SAFE is an easy to use safety alarm that you install on your mobile phone. With one push you can let all your friends know that you are in trouble, and they even get access to your live GPS location. The app is available on Apple, Android and BlackBerry phones.

  • SCREAM ALARM :  This is a FREE safety alarm that does only one thing: push the button for making the phone scream loudly with a woman’s voice! Perfect for females that need some kind of safety alarm. Feeling insecure while walking down the park? Have the app on, and instantly push the button if you feel threatened! It is available on Android. 

  • SENTINEL: A very simple and effective app. One click from the application and you send SMS, emails and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls to all your emergency contacts. The app also allows Live tracking, putting you on a that is available only to your emergency contacts with location, travel history, direction of travel and helps the first respondent reach you as fast as possible. 

         Available on iPhone and Android.

  • WOMEN SAFE CIRCLE : Women Safe Circle is an app that every women should have on their phone as it helps them in staying safe and connected with the pre-selected contacts in a single click. With this app, users can call them during any emergency or simply send a SOS with their exact GPS location. Available for windows phones. 

  • SCREAM ALARM : This is a free safety alarm, which does only one thing – scream with a women’s voice on pushing a button. Scream Alarm is a perfect app to raise alarm in distress situations. Available for android. 

These are just a few apps that we have shared there. Readers are free to connect to us to post in their reviews of these apps. 

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