BEAUTY BOX - Colorbar Iglide in Blackout - review

Colorbar Iglide in Blackout - review
By Maggie

Hey pretty girls ! Style is something which speaks a lot about you even when you don't.
And that's the case with the eyes too. We all want to let our eyes do the talking when the lips need to be in silence. And what can be better to make them more expressive then doing them up with kohl, kajal or eye pencils.
Yeah, you have guessed it right. Today I am reviewing “Colorbar I-glide pencil in shade 06 Blackout".

 Price :399 INR, (it may be expensive for some, but the quality is worth every single rupee)
SHADES: Colorbar I-glide pencil  comes in six exciting shades blackout(Jet black), cocobar (chocolate brown), Electra (blue), jaded (green),  prunella (purple) and Silver hue (silver)
If you really want to give your eyes an intense black color for that seductive look, then colorbar blackout out I-glide pencil will surely fulfill your dream. If Colorbar would have named it "Egyptian eyes black", then it would have been super perfect. The i-glide pencil has soft creamy texture and glides like a cream on your eyes, giving rich color in single stroke, that lasts for hours.

You can get a smoky look by smudging the liner immediately after applying it, as it sets really fast. And it can be removed using any good eye makeup remover. However, since it is a sharpenable pencil in creamy texture, it leads to lot of wastage during sharpening.  It would last for a month if you use it regularly.

One thing which I loved about this I-glide pencils is that I can use it as a kajal on my waterline as well, and they stay for a good time. Also, they do not cause any allergy on my super sensitive waterline.

Overall, I will rate these pencils as 5on 5, as they are just must haves for everyone.
They are perfect for those who would wanna let their "kajrare naina" do the talking.
PEL Speaks : Hey Maggie, this happens to be my favourite too. And it is also a fav with the blogging world. Good review but miss your "on-my-eyes" pictures.


  1. I have this one..missing EOTD ??
    great review..

    my recent one :

  2. Nice review plus the clicks :)
    Its beautifully pigmented <3

  3. thanks vipra... maggie's out of town so am replying on her side.
    am completely hooked on to your blog as well. superb girl!

  4. thanks preeti...

  5. hey tejzee....

    am following ur posts too... do encourage us girl...


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